Are you ready to see natural life through a microscope lens. Welcome to an unknown world and it’s macro photography art of nature.

The macro photography is quite difficult, because of the nifty equipment, lightning and other techniques involved, but the results is amazing. Thanks to the ability of today’s cameras from smartphones to professional DSLRs to make capturing macro shots as easy as clicking a button or two.

In this roundup, we’re featuring the top 50 macro photography examples from around the web. We hope you get inspired by these images and that they encourage you to delve into the world of macro photography of nature. Keep a good mood and enjoy.

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1. Focus Photo of White Petaled Flower

2. Borage in the Dew

3. Close-Up Photo of Insect

4. A Forest Strawberry

5. Purple Petaled Flower

6. Voiceless

7. Macro World

8. Orange and Brown Spider

9. Insect on Leaf

10. Forest Train

11. Green Praying Mantis

12. House Fly

13. Macro Insect

14. Fly and Dandelion

15. Green Lizard

16. Bokeh Shot of Water Droplets

17. Blur Chameleon Close-Up

18. Amazing Bird

19. Huge Eyes Watching

20. Dragonfly

21. Peacock Rainbow Feather

22. Snail Hello

23. Dragonfly Ready to Leave

24. Diligent Bee

25. Brown Forrow Spider

26. Teal and Brown Fly

27. The Frog is Waiting for Prey

28. Couple of Ladybug

29. Cat Eye Closeup

30. Beetle Fun

31. Blue Butterfly

32. Insect Extreme Macro

33. Hard Worker

34. Hidden in the Greenery

35. Beautiful Lavenders

36. Closeup Bee Collects Pollen

37. Dandelion Seeds

38. Insect Closeup

39. Spring Explosion

40. Yellow and Black Dragonfly

41. Macro Monster

42. Butterfly Meet Insect

43. Closeup Photo of Green Leaf

44. Icy Pine

45. Shot of White Bird

46. Crazy Butterfly on Orange Flower

47. Blue Purple Petaled Flower

48. Black Spider with a Lot of Eyes

49. Booty Observer

50. Blueberries in the Dew