Urban Decay Photography / The Secrets of Stagnant Time

If you like an old and clutter things, then this cool collection of urban decay photography is just for you. Urban decay photography is the technique of photographing abandoned and rundown buildings, place etc. This type of photography have its own charm. All these photographs taken from professional places around the internet.

To go to original source click on the image. We hope you enjoy our selection. đŸ™‚

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Two Stairways

White Concrete Sturcture

Empty Train Interior

Rustic Pipes

Gray and Black Wooden Wall

White Concrete Building

Charcoal State Hospital III

Tuberculosis Hospital III

Time Machine

The Lonely Chair II

Dark Crossing

Urban Decay


Abandoned Museum II

Abandoned Museum

W_Gas Mask Fetish

Charcoal State Hospital I

Faaabulous State Hospital I

Theatre Room I

Abandoned Theatre I

Close Shot of Grey Concrete Building

Person Hand on Glass Panel Door

Abandoned Insane Asylum

Brown and Black Abandoned Train

Blue Steel Door

Gray Concrete Building

Bell Phone

The Dark Abandoned Coridor

No Great Crime

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