30 Sad Photos That Make You Feel and Appreciate

Everyone is sometimes sad or overwhelmed by malancholia and this can be normal reaction. These sad photos dedicated for your reflection. There are also particular things that may deepen your emotions, such as old photographs or a rainy day.

Images can convey the same emotion. Mostly of these photos are dark or just black and white, but believe after watching them you will feel better making sure it’s just an illusion. Enjoy our collection below and we guarantee your satisfaction. Keep on!

CC licensed images may allow you to copy, distribute, display and create. We recommend you to read the license before you use them in your work.

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Can’t go Out

by Kristina Tripkovic

Waiting You Forever

by Anthony Tran

Hidden Feelings

by Stefano Pollio

Extinct Roses

by Annie Spratt

Its Not Me

by Kat Love


by Paula Schmidt

Lonely Thoughts

by Lukas Rychvalsky

Walking Through Horizonts

by Tom Swinnen

Let Me Cry

by Kat Jayne

Dual Personality

by Elina Krima

After Darkness Comes Light

by Leah Kelley

The Cold is Coming

by GR Stocks

Me and The World

by Francisco Gonzalez

Don’t Worry

by Aleks Marinkovic

I Want My Family

by Tillmann Hübner


by Dollar Gill

The World Against Me

by Jakob Owens

I am Powerless

by Soroush Karimi

Want to Find Myself

by Engin Akyurst

That’s All

by Karolina Grabowska

Cold as a Statue

by cottonbro

No Idea

by Simon Wijers

You My Freedom

by Aidan Cheung

The End of Your Life

by Trym Nilsen

There is No Point in Going Forward

by Kleiton Silva

I Have a Dream

by Soumitro Joy

All Wrong in My Life

by Elijah O’Donnell

I Can Help You

by Keira Burton

I Want to Live

by Kelly Sikkema

I Don’t See Myself

by Matthew Henry

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