50 Impressive Mascot Logos That Will Definitely Surprise You

A collection of impressive mascot logos including friendly animals, fierce animals, human characters and even objects! Mascot logos are widely used for all kinds of businesses these days. Knowing how powerful mascots and cartoon characters can be when used in marketing, businesses are leveraging the benefits of having their own mascots by incorporating it even in their logos.

Today we want to share with you 50 examples of mascot logos for your inspiration. All of these examples clearly show that having a mascot in your logo makes it more appealing to the viewer. Enjoy!

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Mascot Logo Collection by Digital Team

Black Belt Window Cleaning Logo and Mascot Design by Aga Ochoco

CS Spartan Mascot Logo by Sean Chester Dizon

Mascot Logos by Dharmendra Blue sky

Archer by Michael Janz

Magiczni Wojownicy by Dmitry Krino

Gamer Esport Logo Design by nizar

Chef Piggy Mascot Logo Design by Suhandi

Ninja 2 – Mascot & Esport Logo by aqrstudio

Justicia. Eagle Mascot Logo by Kivo

Mascot Logo Design by Ahsan Riaz

Qrazzy by Jonathan Sullivan

Mascot Logos by Muhammad Saiful Hak

Gimfest by Djordje Djordjevic

Imperium by Rob

Creed Mascot by God Kils Leo.

Buffalo – Mascot & Esport Logo by aqrstudio

Toxic Skull – Mascot & Esport Logo by aqrstudio

Postman Delivery – Mascot & Esport Logo by aqrstudio

Logo + Masot Pint Boss by Aditya Pranata

Team REVELATION Mascot Logo by Juan David Díaz

Atom Brand Identity by SOSFactory

Ottawa Gatineau Painting by Alan Oronoz

Hydra Esports by Fajar NA

Mousek Team – Mascot & Sports Logo by aqrstudio

Octopus – Mascot & Esports Logo by aqrstudio

MooDecals Logo by TrexycaArtworks

Mascot Logo Knight Skull Head by Dimas Haryo Saputro

Polootsky Logo by Alec Des Rivières / Dr.Crack

On Duty Mascot by God Kils Leo.

Koala by Ubay_

London Lobsters by midnight7design

Aguilas by Denis Davydov

Identity & Mascot Design by Kapil

Jongly by DewApples

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