30 Inspiring Examples of One Line Drawing Art

One line, also known as single line drawing is a realistic example simplified it into one single unbroken (continuous) line.

These drawings can look relatively simple to make, but capturing the true essence of the shape in just one continuous line can be quite challenging. The most famous example even dates back to the early 20th century, the one line drawings made by Pablo Picasso.

So, we decided that your imagination would increase the workflow and you would be ready to create something similar in your mind and later on paper. Prepare your full energy for a large dose of one line  drawing art on this page. Maybe you get inspired and figure out how to draw a cat in a new way. Keep a good mood and enjoy.

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Get inspired by wonderful creatures, landscape, iconic places and anything around that deliver this bundle of art in a minimalist way. Each of line is hand-drawn uniquely that will definitely fit to shape you brand, and project identity like none else.

1. Girl Face

Author: Graphic Infinite

A girl face

2. Ship On the Horizon

Author: Graphic Infinite

Ship on the horizon

3. Dancing Woman

Author: Graphic Infinite

Dancing Woman

4. Creative Face

Author: Freepik

Creative face

5. Racoon & Fox

Author: Petar Shalamanov

Racoon and fox

6. One Line Fashion

Author: Anna Markovets

One Line Fashion

7. Hand Drawn Plant

Author: Freepik

8. The Touch. Line Art Collection

Author: le-genda

Line art collection

9. Banyan Tree

Author: UNOM design

Banyan Tree

10. Line Art Animals

Author: tubik.arts

Line art animals

11. Face Silhouette Illustration

Author: Murat Boğazkesenli

Face silhouette illustration

12. Pen and Heart

Author: Graphic Infinite

Pen and Heart

13. One Line Creatures

Author: loooop

One line creatures

14. Running Man

Author: Olena Voronetska

A running man

15. Birds

Author: Maria Duvidzon

Birds in one line style

16. Fishbowl

Author: Paulina Moksa

A fishbowl

17. One Line Group Portrait

Author: Mastiia Brilliantova

A one line group portrait

18. Persona. Soulful Modern Art

Author: The Everlasting Story

A soulful modern art

19. HB Reavis – Iconography

Author: loooop

HB Reavis iconography

20. Line Face Art

Author: Olga Shyrokova

A line face art

21. Adidas – HQ entrance wrap

Author: loooop

Adidas shoes in one line style

22. One Line Art – Couple

Author: nenson rolie

A couple one line art

23. Nude Line Drawing Art

Author: Victory Velychko

A nude line drawing art

24. One Line Animals

Author: Twinspin

One line animals

25. Surreal Faces

Author: Iryna Pakhomova

Surreal faces

26. Artistic One Line Art Images

Author: medium.com

Artistic one line art images

27. Line Lovers – Illustrations

Author: Jonathan Calugi

Line lovers illustrations

28. Creative Hands

Author: Jonathan Calugi

Creative Hands

29. One Line Art

Author: Bhogesh Molagavalli

One line art

30. Ready for a Kiss

Author: Graphic Infinite

Ready for a kiss
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