Test Your Humorous Possibilities: Most Ridiculous Ads of the World

Every people in the world has the different level of humour, but that’s true, that each of them likes to lough when comes the time and this depends on the motivation how that humour are presented. Nobody are sceptic, that a good dose of humour is a medication for depressy. Cool, yeah?

A lof of people knows that place calling “Ads of the World” and a huge amount of funny and not, advertisements they have in the portfolio. You can check our other ridiculous post “Funny Drawing Caricatures of the Famous People” to make your blood popping and that is awesome. Enjoy the greatest ads of famous brands which are absolutely crazy. You will surely love and rememmber them to the end of your life 🙂

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Vad Time for Bad Breaths by Hop-Hop
I Know English School – Don’t be Afraid by Hop-Hop
Coral Restoration Found – Save Our Reefs, Save Ourselves by GSW
Savyolovsky Retail Centre – Don’t Buy Blindly by Evgeny Turkin
Cry – Working Child by Ogilvy
Fox, The Simpsons – Predictions
ACAG – Some Parts Are Easier to Replace by Mr. Wolf
Tinder – Entenced for Wife by Miami Ad School
Durex Horngry by 02 Academy
Plantolaxy “Natural fiber.” by McCann
Global 2000 – National Park Garden by Heimat
Men’s Wellness – Battery by Netsurf Communications
Energizer – Fof the Long Ages by Helwan University
Tabasco – Hot or Not?, 1 by Habetzefer
Airbnb – Belong Everywhere by Animal Ad School
Caparol – Moses by ABK Communication
Prosegur – Arms by Don
Brit – Fat Cats Get No respect by WMLY&R
Marevivo Italia – Stop Microfibre by Metaphora
Advanced Sports Nutrition – What You Hide by 16 Dash
Iarnród Eireann – Students, get a bit of luxury into ye -2 by Publicis
Afirme – Finger Fries by Grup LVT
Pro Wildlife Elephant by Aimaq von Lobenstein
Advertising Agency: DDB Tribal Berlin, Germany
Weight-watchers by Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, Germany
Nivea Men: Because Life Makes Wrinkles by Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, Germany
Kielo Travel: Dreaming of a Holiday? by Advertising Agency: New Moment New Ideas Company Y&R, Belgrade, Serbia
Durex Cheaper by Advertising Agency: Espiral DP, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Fedex: China-Australia by Advertising Agency: DDB Brazil
E.ON ClimaSmart – Kitchen by M&C Saatchi
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