30+ Enticing Spa Fonts to Refresh Your Designs

You can find thousands of elegant fonts on the Internet, which may even be very suitable for creating or updating your Spa designs, but not all of them may be appropriate for this business sphere, so we have selected the best and most excellent fonts for your Spa business designs.

All these Spa fonts are of the best quality created by the best graphic designers. Spa fonts can also be suitable for other designs such as hair salons, barber shops, aqua parks, massage parlors, fashion campaigns, beauty salons and much more. Stay positive and create your design easily.

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LeBorn Font

A luxury display serif font

It is a luxury calligraphy combine with modern serif ligatures and special alternative glyphs so you can create a lots with layouts and compositions. Perfect for poster design, book covers, merchandise, fashion campaigns, newsletters, branding and etc.

Rozelle Fonts

Rounded serif fonts in 4 styles

It is an elegant serif fonts with rounded edges. They are formed as a unique multipurpose font and you can use them in vintage, retro, and modern designs.

Qualux Font Family

A quality and luxury serif family fonts

It is a luxury font family with 8 weights so good for designs such as vintage book covers, magazines, logos, greeting cards, invitations and etc.

Femme Beauty Display Font

Beauty and modern display font

This elegant font comes with a beauty looks and modern style. Perfect fit for the wedding, letters, beauty, movie titles, city, landmark, business cards and etc.

Eiosaka – Beauty and Elegant Font

Beautiful stencil spa font

It is a beauty elegant stencil serif fashionable font so good going for luxury logos and branding, classy editorial designs, woman magazines, cosmetic brands, fashion promotionals and etc.

Kaivalya – Cultural Type

Modern beauty type for spa salon

A cultural font that has beautiful gestures, with a touch of tradition. Perfect for an elegant logos, yoga and meditation stuff, beauty products, packaging, spa, community logos, magazines and etc.

Free Paradise Thin Font

Free thin line serif font

Free and beautiful thin line serif font for your designs such as beauty salons, spa, magazines, packaging and etc.

Free Little Bird Vintage Script Font

Free script font for beauty designs

Add a more decorative style to any of your upcoming projects such as beauty designs, covers, wedding, invitations, spa, magazines and etc.

Free RedSky Signature Font

A free luxury signature script font

Free luxurous and classy signature script font for all your designs such as wedding invitations, headers, editorial, logos, slider blogs, social media, beauty designs and etc.

Denise Beauty Font

A beauty and elegant font for salons

This beautiful script is for those who are needing of elegance and stylish character for their designs and particularly well suited for wedding invitations, save the date cards, beauty salon designs and feminine branding.

Salute – Modern Vintage Beauty Font

Modern vintage beauty font

A special vintage decorative font for your branding. Ideal beauty salons, spa, magazines, brochures and etc.

So Beautiful Font

A beauty script font

It is a handwritten font family that includes pretty swatches and extra botanical elements to create the cutest logos, packaging, wedding invitations or any design project with a natural style.

La Beuties Font

A modern and casual script font

It  is a casual and modern handwritten font that comes with a distinctive chic character that adds unique value to the font, perfect for branding, beauty designs, wedding invites cards, and more.

Beauty Nigella Font

A serif display typeface

It  is a serif display typeface that has the thickness of a regular font. Suitable for invitation cards, quotes, titles, magazines and etc.

Angelyta Beauty Script

Angelyta a beautiful script font

It is a beautiful modern script font with an alternative blend of more than 150 alternate (opentype) features suitable to support your designs, for business, company, brands, clothes, books and etc.

Chasy Beauty Script Font

Chasy a modern beauty script type

A stylish, modern and beautiful script font with an elegant feel. Perfect for display projects such as quoted text, product name, logos, presentation, coffee-themes, fashion and product packaging.

Mick Kelly – Beauty Modern Font

A regular and lite beauty font

A beauty serif with a lot of unique and beautiful alternate characters. Ideal for magazines, postcards, logos, Wedding projects, beauty designs, spa and etc.

Calming – Beaty Elegant Serif Font

Beauty and funcy serif font

It comes with some alternates and ligatures, so you can combine it to make a perfect typography design. Perfect for luxury logos and branding, classy editorial designs, woman magazines, cosmetic brands, spa and etc.

Belly and Park – Beauty Sans Font

Condensed beauty classic sans font

A natural, organic and classic font for all your beauty business needs. Ideal for salons, posters, covers, magazines, brochures and etc.

Creams Handmade Beauty Font

A handwritten script beauty font

Give your designs an authentic handcrafted feel. This font perfectly suited to signatures, stationery, logos, typography quotes, magazine or book covers, website headers, clothing, branding, packaging designs and more.

Beauty Victoria Script Font

Beautiful script font for beauty business

Elegant and beautifull script font for all your design needs. It is perfect for posters, social media posts, branding, personal projects and etc.

Rachelya Modern Elegant Font

A modern and elegant typeface

It is a modern, clean and beautiful typeface with a collection of stylistic alternates and ligatures. This font has a combination of clean, medium lines and smooth curves, so it will work nicely with beauty or fashion themes.

Ammelia / Beauty & Stylish Font

A beauty and stylish font

A beauty font with calligraphy style so good for design projects such as invitations like greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters and etc.

Lucera / Modern Elegant Sans Font

A modern and elegant sans typeface

It is an elegant and modern sans serif font for your beauty designs such as beauty salon, spa, magazines, logos, branding, titles and etc.

Free Vervelle – Script Font

An unconnected script font

It is a free and beautiful script font for designers who needs to add an elegant touch to their designs. Perfect for signatures, invitations, greeting cards, wedding, beauty salos, spa and etc.

Free Bronova – Sans Serif Font family

Regular and bold sans serif font family

Free concrette display font family for all your branding designs such as logos, titles, covers, posters and etc.

Free North Avelion – Font Duo Font

Free script and serif duo font

Free aesthetic and beauty duo font so good going for your design projects such as beauty salon, spa, magazines, fashion, packaging and etc.

Bromilo Typeface

14 font family for beauty designers

A unique and elegant sans serif font family to craft a beautiful designs such as beauty salos, spa, branding and logos, titles, posters and etc.

Beverly Hills / A Ligature Serif Font

A display ligature serif with calligraphy style font

It is a beautiful and inspiring mix of classic calligraphy and modern serif with 56 unique ligatures. come with 2 versions regular and italic. Perfect for greeting cards, invitations, coupons, titles, posters and etc.

Abigail – Unique Ligature Font

A unique ligature font for beauty designers

It is a unique and outstanding font for beauty sphere brand and logo designs.

Le Jour – Font Duo

Beautiful font duo with stylistic collection

It is a beautiful calligraphy combine with modern serif made with naturally handwritten. Ideal for beauty sphere designs, branding, titles, covers, posters, logos and etc.

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