Ever you heard that phrase –  “Less is More”?  In the terms of logo design minimal logo means easy to remember and timeless.

In this amazing compilation we have gathered exactly 31 minimal logo design examples for your inspiration. Here you will be able to see that a lot of times the simple path can deliver amazing results. Keep enjoying!

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Canna Bull Logo by Ak desain

Bolt by Ashraful Islam

Fox Line by Conceptic Michał Gwarda

Logo Graphicgum by GraphicGum

Simple Line Owl Logo by kumastd

Scissors Letter E Logo by Nick Budrewicz

Agranoa by younique

MAX Monogram by J.R.Dickie

Udinese Calcio by Ensar Sewer

Coffee House Logo by Will Howe

Enjoy the Adventure – Autumn by Zack Krasovec

Photography Logo by Mizan

Platform by Ahmed creatives

TEP Finance – Logo Design by Andrea Binski

Mitic by Matt Vancoillie

First Element Logo 2019 by Antonin Kus

Art’n Bread Logo by Cansu Merdamert

House.nl Logo Pairings by Richard de Ruijter

Gooliver Logo Design by Juste Navickaite

Logo-a-Day // Collection by Sean Ford

Chicken Farm Logo by Zeljko Ivanovic


Tudor Solutions – Logo Design by Andrea Binski

Balbi by Sarkhan Rzazadeh

Speak by Logorilla

Cloudia Logo by Milos Bojkovic

Steps Logo by Logorilla

penguinlove 2.0 by Ahmed creatives

Bird Dental Logo Exploration by Jahid Hasan

NY Flag by Catur Argi

Happy by Logorilla

Credit to: rawpixel.com