One of the best places to look for inspiration is in the work of other graphic designers. Looking at their work can give you fresh ideas on how to combine your new concepts with which you can infuse your art. Here are graphic design examples to get the juices flowing and get your next project started.

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As we already know the Pantone color of the 2019 is a “Living Coral” – representative of many of the color trends we’ve seen heading into 2019. Bright hues are a popular choice and this color is certainly a bright option. So, keep in trends with your graphic designs.

About Living Coral

Pantone calls Living Coral an “animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.”

What’s nice about the selection is that it tends to fall in line with many current color trends and will blend well in gradients, as a bright background (that’s something other than blue) or as an accent color. While it has a somewhat feminine feel, this color can be a rather versatile option that’s just a bit softer than red or orange, but more vibrant than pink.

Here’s what Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, has to say about the color selection:

“Color is an equalizing lends through which we experience our natural and digital realities and this is particularly true for Living Coral. With consumers craving human interaction and social connection, the humanizing and heartening qualities displayed by the convivial Pantone Living Coral his a responsive chord.”

In essence, the color is a simple, visual representation of the state of our design and marketing universe. Everything Eiseman says echoes that fact.

Color Swatches

  • Pantone: 16-1546
  • RGB: 255-109-112
  • CMYK: 0-59-50-0
  • HEX: ff6d70

Pantone made Adobe files available for download using Living Coral.

Living Coral Color in Design

As a graphic designer we have no doubts, that in your online portfolio is more attractive colors that can be used in design projects, so stay creative and try to add something wild with something cute and your design will be observed.

Ideas are all around us and some of the most famous graphic designers tell us that inspiration is an act of intentional searching.

1. Using Gradients in Graphic Design

The latest scream by the graphic designers is using gradients in all kind of projects. It is one of the most popular topic and will be trending for long time. Let’s look to some great examples how gradients are used by different designers.

Seto Febriant

The designer Seto Febriant uses a lot of gradients in this web design. The dominant color is ultra violet, but together with other colors the design becomes very intuitive and modern. Worth to create something similar!


Vadim tries to use gradients in icons and I can say this test is worth for the attention. As we see the main and dominant color is ultra violet, but together with dark blue brings a wonderful effect.

Viktor Sherepa

Gradients also can be used in illustrative design as shown in the picture by Viktor Sherepa. Don’t afraid to mixing different colors and styles and the design goes viral.

Bruno Pego

This gorgeous combination of bold gradients is the definition of on-trend via Bruno Pego.

Mihai Dolganiuc

Gradient logos are also so special and great going with the gradient web design. Animated gradient logos with changeable colors makes a deep impact in design.

2. 3D Design and Typography

Three dimensional works seems to be everywhere right now: entire compositions that have so much depth, you can’t help but reach out and touch them. 3D typography especially feels just about ready to pop. The best part about it is there’s no particular type that works best for this trend: bold, skinny, sans-serif, script, any font can be rendered in 3D.


A fun, colorful 3D landscape by EFL. A strong 3D design can be used for illustrations or web design.

Katt Phatt

This composition shows how 3D design can enhance a logo design crafted by Katt Phatt.

Rico Kurniawan

The 3D logo with reflection is again one of the most attractive design for this year by Rico Kuniawan.

Kat Phatt

These complex designs by Khatt Phatt offer something new for your eye every time you examine them.

Riddhi Dhanani

A gorgeous example of 3D type brings whole new life to the fresh trend. Via Ridhi Dhanani

3. Digitization of Handwork

Modern tools for working with graphics objects are so advanced that they allowed moving the usual brushes in Photoshop to the background. Their time has already ended. Drawings by hand are now beautifully transferred to the digital space and complemented by unique effects.

Vidhi Mendhe

Nice example of handworking art via Vidhi Mendhe. More natural going viral this year.


Handmade typography has the full potential to rocking the designing world. Brush and calligraphy is one of the biggest topics this year.

David Sabon

Digitaly rendered homemade art is awesomnely great for book illustrations or other creativity. Nice shot by David Sabon.

Durriya Contractor

Hand lettering turns you to the past and brings the naturality to your designs. Great for posters or wall art. Nice design via Durriya Contractor.

Natalia Mlodetski

Handcrafted icons, scribbles or signs going like crazy for the year of 2019. If you have this creativity in your heart go forwards like Natalia Mlodetski.

4. Futuristic Influences Are Mainstreem

I guess since we are technically living in the future that so many 80’s films predicted, it’s time for our designs to reflect that. This means a lot of futuristic patterns, colors and ideas are about to dominate the design world for the next few years.

We do have most of the futuristic devices they predicted in our pocket each day. So you might as well take advantage of that tech with your design work! I believe that this approach will help brands create unique content that will stand above the noise on social media.

Brands by Mozi

Futuristic typography takes the right position in the graphic designing world. This kind of type we will se more often in the graphic and web design, be ready the future is already here.

Anatolli Babii

Anatolli Babii shows how to use the future technologies in the icon creation. This goes viral in the year and the next years with full power.

Paulina Hanzel

The branding for IT company’s takes the one of the most hottest places in the graphic design. Robotization and future technology already close.

Oleg Levin

Oleg Levin shows how must look the future logo. Some of them represent the company just with symbol and without any text. Designers who going with the future designs must take this in place.

Mohamed Alaa

Crafting a futuristic interior design is a goal for this year. We see more and more futuristic films and arts going done this year and the graphic designers must to feel the peak.

5. Isometric Design

While open compositions leave some things out, isometric designs create whole universes in tiny little spaces. Isometric design sounds highly technical, but it’s simply a method of drawing a 3D object in two dimensions. The drawing is simple and clean, but has a depth that flat design can’t compete with.

The arena where this trend is heating up the most is with icons. Isometric icons have a lot more tactility and warmth than flat design, drawing users in. Plus they are saved to a smaller file size than 3D, so you get all of the bang with none of the lag!

Mateusz Urbańczyk

A funny and modern isometric graphic design created by Mateusz Urbańczyk. The design with a mind and a lot of different ideas.


Artistic isometric illustration well done by Deseno. By the digital industry this kind of illustrations well used for shopping and web design industries. Keep in mind for the next project.

Multiple Owners

Well done graphic design for a factory related business. 3D graphics and not angry colours is going to be a very popular trend.


An isometric illustration of a city. By LittleFox.

Anton Zaderaka

Trending absolutely! Isometric icons is worth of million likes. Very modern and intuitive icons worth for graphic designer’s attention.


Did you follow the new trends? Exciting things happen when designers embrace conflict, allowing room for inspiration to strike from every direction at once. We celebrate and look forward to seeing what incredible work they create. Make 2019 the year you create your best work!

Credits to:

DesignShack, RawPixel, Merehead99Designs, Venngage