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Hey Guys! “You can have an art experience in front of a Rembrandt… or in front of a piece of graphic design.” With so much to offer, Graphic design is worthy of all the attention and detailing. The audience has seen so much good graphic designing content already that only the best of the lot can impress them now in 2019. Trendy graphic designing is probably one of the most powerful branding tools in the hands of brand owners and online marketers.

Effective Graphic designing can help brands and website owners successfully communicate their intended message and emotions behind a particular campaign. These Graphic Design trends, however, keep changing. As the new year is about to dawn over us, it is obvious to expect a new set of graphics designing trends to find a foot in the market. So, what’s in store for us in 2019 when it is about new Graphic Design trends? Let’s explore them in the blog post below.

Futuristic Elements to the Design

Design in 2019 is bound to be futuristic, meaning that newly found design elements that were not seen before, will now be preferred by the audience. Futuristic design elements such as extra popping color palettes, Abstract Patterns, Geometric influences, Gradients, and other color transitions, Glitches, Holographic and reflective elements etc. should find a spot in your graphic design as well if you are building a blog or a new website. At the hand of expert graphic designers, the implementation of these trendy and futuristic graphic design elements can bring out an outstanding outcome.

Take a look at HubSpot’s design elements that are a millennial-magnet:

Less Clutter, Colorful Minimalism, and Simplicity

Decluttered design has always been everyone’s favorite because of a lot of reasons. Firstly, less clutter i.e. minimalist design lets viewers have their time to grasp the content and understand the flow. It helps you convey the message directly or if intended, it helps the people behind the brand maintain curiosity. Minimalism has been here for a while and will continue to be.

A simple graphic designing approach will help the audience get rid of information overload and enjoy the straightforward elements to seamlessly dig the information they are looking for. A look at Microsoft’s website will steer your grasp of Minimalism.

Stripping the idea behind the entire graphic designing thought process to the bare minimum and still being able to convey the message behind the strategy is quite a feat for graphics experts. In 2019, simple and minimal graphics designing approach will be about removing elements that are complicated and cluttered.

What comes added to the minimalistic trend this new year is the addition of color. Gone will be the days of only muted and neutral color palettes. Bold color schemes and abstract patterns will make their way into this trend to be the eye-candy.

Vivid Colors for Grabbing Eyeballs

In the past years, we have seen big brands resort to using grey or dual tones of simple colors to appear serious as a business. For the longest time that one could remember, this kept working too. Audience considered that brands and websites that used serious and contemporary colors were better off than others who did not. 2017 and years beyond it have been about vivid colors that are meant for seeking the attention of the audience to the maximum.

The rich, vibrant and exuberant range of colors have already found their spot in the color palettes of expert and experienced graphic designers who know how to succeed with an effective graphic design strategy. These colors appeal to the modern audience in a better way and they also work to break the monotony.

Real Stock Photos

Images are a huge part of every website or a web project that entails the intention of being visually appealing to the audience. To cope up with the need high-resolution images that are relevant to the subject matter of the content, people resort to downloading and using stock images for their project.

With so many people using these images over and over again, we now feel that they have been repeated a lot. In 2019, graphic designers are recommended to create custom imagery instead of using the usual boring stock photos. They can use a free application to do so.

Asymmetrical and Scattered Grid Designing

Asymmetrical and unique layouts will hit a chord with the audience in 2019. These unusual shapes or different sizes on the grid are highly appealing to the millennials and are able to capture their attention. Scattered grid styled layouts maintain a sense of curiosity and provide information to the audience through the places they might not expect.

These unconventional designing elements consist of components that break the monotony of the traditional hierarchy, alignment, and consistency.

Bold Gradients and Duotones

If you are not aware of what a gradient is, here’s some background on that. Ever seen a website or a web page where the background featured a gradual blending from one color to another? That’s a Gradient and it adds a new dimension to the design by amplifying the appeal of the color transition.

If you came across gradients from Spotify, Microsoft, and Stripe, you will have an idea of what we are talking about.

These bold colors and flat design make Gradients even more prevalent in 2019 because of the vivid colors, infused creativity, and minimalism.

Unusual Font and Typography

Colorful fonts that are a deviation from the usual font selection, will be a hot graphic design trend in 2019. Selection of typography will be based on the luxury meter. Metallic colors will be a big hit as well. Killing monotonous fonts, ultra bold and handwritten fonts are going to stand out.

Providing emotions to the fonts and further reinforcing the impact of their individual emotions, color fonts are a key evolution in digital typography. This character trait of bold typography and colorful fonts will provide them the edge in 2019.


As quoted by Neville Brody, “ Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.” This never-drying paint implies the need for abiding by the changes in trends and how the failure to comply with the best can damage your digital designing masterpiece. Only by kicking forward as an innovative, creative, and path-breaking graphic designer, you can create impeccable design results and surprise your clients and the audience as well.

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