30+ Elegant Wedding Invitation PSD Templates

Looking for a beautiful Wedding Invitation PSD templates? Here we have collected over 30 beautiful and elegant templates for your event.

The digital design world is filled with hundreds of amazing wedding invitation design templates. However, you can find yourself struggling with inflexible templates if you don’t pick the right one. With colors tones that express purity and affection, and well planned spaces that help you include gripping textual content to make the invitation strike a chord with the readers. These templates are the best of the lot. We hope you will find the best template for your wedding party.

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Free Wedding Invitation & Menu Template

This spectacular free floral wedding invitation & menu template will help you to present your designs in a photorealistic and professional way.

[button link=”https://www.behance.net/gallery/107960113/Floral-wedding-invitation-and-menu-template-Free-Psd”]Download Source[/button]

Floral Wedding Invitation Template

If you do not have Illustrator or Photoshop, you can still edit the font and text (not color and graphics) of this invitation for free through Adobe Reader.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/aylinmarie/4202449-Floral-Wedding-Invitation-Template?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Wedding Invitation

A set of wedding printing in soft powder colors.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/bigweek/2916467-Wedding-Invitation?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Free Floral Wedding Invitation Set Template PSD

[button link=”https://unblast.com/free-floral-wedding-invitation-set-template-psd/”]Download Source[/button]

A2 Invitation Envelope Mockups

[button link=”https://vectogravic.com/a2-invitation-envelope-mockups/”]Download Source[/button]

Flamingo Summer Wedding Invitations

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/artcoast/2709408-Flamingo-Summer-Wedding-Invitations?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Stylish Wedding Invitation Set

The color of wedding invitations that represent the mood for your wedding…Design feminime invitations that are classy and well packed.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/Azka.Creative/2706950-Stylish-Wedding-Invitation-Set-Ac.14?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Wedding Invitation Creator

Wedding Invitation Creator is a set of Photoshop templates with tons of elements to create your own DIY invitations. Check out the video on the last preview image to see how easy it is. The purchase also comes with a detailed PDF tutorial.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/MehmetRehaTugcu/2705739-Wedding-Invitation-Creator?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Free Invitation Card Mockup for Wedding & Greetings

[button link=”http://graphicgoogle.com/free-invitation-card-mockup-for-wedding-greetings/”]Download Source[/button]

Free PSD Template: Watercolor Floral Wedding Invitation

Make your wedding day unforgettable with this wedding invitation. All you need to do is just edit the text, save, and print. So easy!

[button link=”https://www.behance.net/gallery/60777013/Free-PSD-Template-Watercolor-Floral-Wedding-Invitation”]Download Source[/button]

Free Wedding Invitation Templates

Wedding is special, and everyone want everything right when it comes to wedding, including invitation. So here we come up again with this minimal modern Free Wedding Invitation Templates. It contains 3 PSD Photoshop files: Invitation, Info Card, and RSVP. These files are easy to use and fully editable.

[button link=”https://www.pixelo.net/product/free-wedding-invitation-templates/”]Download Source[/button]

Free PSD Template: Wedding Invitation

Make your wedding day unforgettable with this wedding invitation. All you need to do is just edit the text, save, and print. So easy!

[button link=”https://www.behance.net/gallery/48729717/Free-Psd-Template-Wedding-Invitation”]Download Source[/button]

Wedding Invitation Template Free Download

You can also use this flyer template for other kind of Invitation like wedding reception, birthday, party and club party.

[button link=”https://freedownloadpsd.com/wedding-invitation-template-free-download/”]Download Source[/button]

Free Elegant Wedding Invitation Templates

[button link=”http://graphicgoogle.com/free-elegant-wedding-invitation-templates/”]Download Source[/button]

Beautiful Wedding Invitation

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/Azka.Creative/2701339-Beautiful-Wedding-Invitation-Ac.12?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Lily Wedding Invitation Set

A lovely elegant lilly wedding invitation set includes the following: Wedding Invitation, RSVP, Save the Date,Table Number, Name Card and information card. You can edit the fonts and change the colours. However wreath colour can only be modified by adjusting the hue settings.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/DesignMadArtist/2700396-Lily-Wedding-Invitation-Set?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Rustic Wedding Invitation

Rustic Diy Invitation Template. All text are editable. All layers is separate. Editable PDF and AI(CS6).

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/Shwetart/2690518-Rustic-Wedding-Invitation?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Wedding Evening Invitation, Aurora

This is a quick and easy solution which you can use to create a simple and elegant invitation. You can edit and print as many copies as you need.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/AliceBluefox/2671153-Wedding-Evening-Invitation-Aurora?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

5 Set ModernWedding Invitation

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/Azka.Creative/2641938-5-Set-Modern-Wedding-Invitation-Ac.2?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Zebra Invitation

Zebra Invitation, can be used for your wedding or birthday party. Very easy to edit text&color!

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/493843/298927/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Fzebra-invitation-QKF7MS”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Simple Wedding Invitation & RSVP

This Simple Wedding Invitation & RSVP, can be used for your beautiful wedding party. Very easy to edit text and colors.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/493843/298927/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Fsimple-wedding-invitation-rsvp-VBB5PU”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Creamy Wedding Invitation

Creamy Wedding Invitation Template, can be used for your wedding or birthday party.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/493843/298927/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Fcreamy-wedding-invitation-UBPSSR”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Vintage Wedding Anniversary Invitation

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/493843/298927/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Fvintage-wedding-anniversary-invitation-QAYWPN”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Glitter Wedding Invitation

Glitter Wedding Invitation for your beautiful wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc!

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/493843/298927/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Fglitter-wedding-invitation-T587B5″]Info / Download Source[/button]

Wedding Invitation Set – Burgundy & Navy

This wedding invitation set with burgundy and navy watercolour florals is perfect for a woodland, autumn or forest wedding. It includes 10 inserts to complete your wedding day. The floral paintings have transparent backgrounds so you can add a different background colour to your cards.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/493843/298927/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Fwedding-invitation-set-burgundy-navy-2ZDHZC”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Simple Floral Wedding Invitation

This wedding invitation set combines watercolor style and geometric line that make it looks simple, clean and elegance. This is a good choice for your wedding party celebration.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/493843/298927/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Fwedding-invitation-set-burgundy-navy-2ZDHZC”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Blue Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Blue Watercolor Wedding Invitation psd template ready to print. Send your guests elegant invitations.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/493843/298927/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Fblue-watercolor-wedding-invitation-3JSG2C”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Flower Wedding Invitation

Flower Wedding Invitation for your beautiful wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc!

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/493843/298927/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Fflower-wedding-invitation-LB9WNQ”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Simple Wedding Invitation Set

Simple Wedding Invitation Set, can be used for your wedding or birthday party. Very easy to edit!

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/493843/298927/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Fsimple-wedding-invitation-set-4743AA”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Set, for your beautiful wedding or birthday party!

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/493843/298927/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Fwatercolor-wedding-invitation-SVA2CZ”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Watercolor Wedding Invitation, can be used for your wedding or birthday party!

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/493843/298927/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Fwatercolor-wedding-invitation-S5EVTV”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Elegant Wedding Invitation Template

These item support in PSD, ready to print and well organized in layers. You can easily change everything text, elementS. All in groups and layers named appropriately.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/owang/2620488-Elegant-Wedding-Invitation-Template?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Wedding Invitate Templates

Easy to customize fully layered if you need any help don’t hesitate to contact me through my profile.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/DesignUP/2488049-Wedding-Invite-Templates?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Monaco Wedding Set

Neat, classy, elegant and sophisticated Wedding Set. Easy and simple to edit and replace information.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/werlangpaper/2458874-Monaco-Wedding-Set?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Leaf Wedding Invitation

Here’s Leaf Wedding Invitation. Simply customize and editable. Minimalist, simple, modern styles for your wedding design. Easy to Change Color and Text.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/creativestore/2442114-Leaf-Wedding-Invitation?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Minimal Dot Wedding Invitation

Here’s Minimal Dot Wedding Invitation. Simply customize and editable. Classy, simple, modern styles for your wedding design. Easy to Change Color and Text. 2 versions.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/creativestore/2442154-Minimal-Dot-Wedding-Invitation?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

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