The design trends we use and see on websites are always changing. What people consider the best and brightest will change over time. This article looks at ten web design trends that people should keep an eye out for 2021. These will likely be very popular in the coming year.

1. Modern Minimalism

If you buy custom essays on design at any point, they will mention Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo is ‘modern minimalism’. She brought us the new and updated idea of creating a minimalist home. Her idea was to only keep things that spark joy in your life.

The idea can be translated into web design very easily. Modern minimalism – only keep what you absolutely need and want. Will you find it difficult to find anything that sparks joy in a website? Maybe, but think about it this way. You will have some decorations on your site. This is a good way to keep them to a minimum.

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2. Dark Themes and Low Light

Websites can be very flashy and colorful. This can grab people’s attention, true, but times are changing. 2021 is set up to have dark themes and low light in its web design. Web design has grown up.

Dark themes and low light will be a huge contrast to our current brightly lit designs. Try and get in on this theme quickly if you want to use it. The faster you move, the more unique you will look. 

The move to embracing dark themes and low lighting could be in response to the pandemic. Now that we are all spending more time online, sites will make the switch to be easier on people’s eyes.

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3. Soft Shadows

This website design idea goes hand in hand with dark themes and low lighting. Web design is currently rather harsh. It is made to grab attention, and stand out.

Soft shadows may not be quite so visually arresting, but they do make a statement. They can lend a touch of artistry to your site.

Use soft shadows to make your site look more inviting to visitors. Soft shadows might be a good choice if you are an artist. You could make your site somewhere people will want to stay.

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4. Asymmetric Layouts

An asymmetric layout is guaranteed to get people’s attention.

Asymmetric layouts will keep people scrolling, which is what you want in a website. The ideal use of this type of layout is to space out information. This draws people further into the site. The longer people stay, the more likely they are to use your service\buy your produce.

These asymmetric layouts don’t need to be obvious. You could simply alternate which side of your site has needed information. These asymmetric layouts will be popular because we are used to symmetry online. Anything else will stand out.

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5. Interactive Web Design

Anybody who has had to buy resumes knows that you need to stand out from the crowd. It’s the same in web design. The new trend of interactive web designs will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

This trend will be particularly good if you are selling some kind of online service. Interacting with the service will let people see what you can do. Combine that with reviews, and you are almost guaranteed to have customers!

Interactive can mean many things. You need to find out what it means for you and your online presence.

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6. Rotating Animations

Some of the most creative websites will embrace this trend. Our modern web design of static pictures and videos is a reaction to the early days of the internet. Now we are coming full circle, and embracing animations again.

The key to this is subtlety, of course. You shouldn’t go to extremes and have every single thing on your website spinning like a top! Just one or two items. It will grab people’s attention and interest. It will make them look more closely.

Don’t go with the obvious option of having rotation titles. Do something more subtle. People will be expecting the former. You need to surprise them.

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7. Gradient Color Schemes

Some of the best website designs out there are known for their use of color. You can join them by getting a head start with next year’s web design trend.

A gradient color scheme is one that goes from light to dark, or dark to light. It all depends on what you want.

Our current standards for web design have people choosing the main color, and then some accents. Almost as if they were redecorating a room in their house. A gradient is both less and more complicated. It is focused on one single color, but that color needs to be handled carefully.

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8. Creative Colour Branding

This goes hand in hand with color gradients in web page design. As said above, the normal approach to web design is to choose the main color and a few accent colors. Creative color branding is very different. 

More and more people are focusing on the colors as meaning something. Just as people who want to appear more confident wear red, so they will choose confident colors for a site. Choose colors according to what you want to represent, not what you think looks good. That is the new approach.

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9. Abstract Shapes

Web design will be taking an artistic turn with its new focus on abstract shapes. We’ve all been used to clearly defined shapes and styles in our web design. Now our sites will all be softer and less defined.

Why not try this design for your own website? Being on the front edge of web design is very important if you work exclusively online. Use abstract shapes, and make your site stand out in a sea of well-defined corners. It will act as well as a set of good reviews for your business.

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10. Detailed Footers

We are accustomed to footers being uninteresting. It’s where we have the fine print, like privacy notices and copyrights. What if you change that? Make your footers something to look at. Make them something that people will scroll down for.

Footers have always been an afterthought in web design. They’ve always been an afterthought in other design too! You can move away from that, and make your footers important in the overall design.

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Web Design of the Future

This article has given ten of the top web design trends we see happening in the next year. People are going to have their own ideas for web design, of course. But the internet is a place where people copy each other. Many sites will use at least one these elements.

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