10 Tips How to Design Pretty Labels and Packaging

Take a look around. There are numerous options available for every item. So, as a seller, how do you stand out in the market? Well, the first step towards that is the packaging.

First impressions matter the most. Therefore, your package and labels will play a critical role in your sales numbers. Thus, it’s important to make them creative.

But how do you achieve that?

Well, we understand that it might be a challenge. So, we have a few tricks that’ll help to brainstorm your ideas. Simply keep these tricks in mind while thinking of the ideas and something is bound to click in your mind. If you’re ready, let’s start.

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Why are creative packages important?

Before we start with our tips, let’s discuss why the packages should stand out. You’ll be amazed at how so many people don’t take these matters seriously.

As a result, they tend to lose business. That’s because people do not go for their products only because they do not look appealing. The visuals have to be attractive, otherwise, the customers will shy away from the product.

At the same time, there are many alternatives for one product. That means the competition is heavy in the market. The brands have to compete with each other for survival. And the competition is in every sector.

People even pay attention to the packaging before making a decision. So, you have to create ways to make the packages sell the product for you.

However, you also have to remember that the package has to serve its main purpose. And that’s to let the customers know what the product is all about.

That’s called the label. So, stuff like UPS shipping labels, prime labels, and dry peel labels play a great role in this scenario. In short, compiling everything and still making sense can be a tough job. Thus head over to the next segment to get some help with this matter.

10 tips on how to make innovative packages

It’s time to get down to business. As promised first we will tell you how to improve packages. Before we start we have one piece of advice for you.

While trying to go creative don’t forget about the main purpose of the packages. Remember that the fact concept of labels is quite old. But it has always served its purpose.

So, the question lies in how to do so without disrupting the importance of the work. Well, here’s the answer.

1. Keep things plain & simple

For a start-up business, we have to advise you to keep things simple. When people think about designing their product’s parcel, they tend to go overboard.

And extra add-ons or more sparks won’t add any value, instead, it’ll be a pain for the eyes. So, keep things nice and simple.

2. Add colors to the scheme

Next, you should think about the color pattern for the package. By adding some popping color to the package you can make a world of difference.

The customers will be able to spot the brand from a distance. However, it’s a wise idea to check if our color scheme will resonate with your brand.

3. Consider some transparency

Some people believe in being transparent with their customers about the products. Why not apply the same concept for packaging?

You can make the packaging transparent to some degree. This will allow the customers to know what’s inside and will appreciate the honesty.

4. Include a handle

You can add a handle to your packaging to make it convenient for the customers to carry the product around. Plus, it improves their mood by a significant amount. Hence, these happy customers buy more of your products.

5. Follow the trend

Always try to catch up with the trend. Keep yourself updated and include the latest features in your packaging to create hype in the market. The more the hype the more products you’ll sell.

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6. Try to be funny

Another approach to take is the fun train. By this, we mean that you can use puns or make funny references in your packaging. This will attract many customers. Especially the Z generation. We mean, who doesn’t like a good laugh?

7. Add texture on the package

At the same time, you can add texture to the package. This distinguishes your package from the rest and the customers will get a sense of satisfaction from touching them. Now, you can try sand textures or go for plastic wrap texture. The possibilities are endless.

8. Remember to serve the purpose

However, among all the ideas keep the main purpose in mind. The packages are meant to cover the goods. Now, if they don’t meet that purpose they won’t be useful.

Thus, always pay attention to your product and make sure the package can conceal it properly. Otherwise, it’ll be completely useless.

9. Think from the customer’s point of view

Always try to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. They are the end-users. Plus, their approval matters the most. So, think about their preferences and work accordingly.

10. Pay heed to the design

Last but not least, pay heed to the design of the package. See where the logos should go and check if the fonts are of the right size. You can also go outside the box and make colorful logos yourself. In the end,  aesthetics matters.

Final Words

In short, serve the purpose and think outside the box to make the packages look appealing. Try to keep it useful, and because of that, you’ll achieve some great results.

Anyway, that’s about it for today. We hope you found our tips to be useful. Do try them out and see what it does for you. Best of luck!

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