20+ Perfect Pixel Fonts for Exquisite Typography

Different fonts play a very important role in every design, so you can find millions of different styles of fonts online and some are really special, such as the pixel fonts we present in this carefully selected collection.

You won’t find many pixel fonts online, so we’ve added a lot of good quality premium and free fonts to this collection. With this you can use fonts in various designs such as games, posters, covers and so on. We hope that you will find more interesting fonts on our website, so thank you for visiting đŸ™‚

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Thug Life

It’s a crafty and distinctive display font. With shapes of pixel-art, it’s masterfully designed to become a true favorite, it has the potential to bring each of your creative ideas to the highest level.


A modern pixelate font are prepared special for NFT, pixel style, game, or poster design needs that will add your value.

Ugly Byte

It is a unique pixel display font. The possibilities for this font are endless, you can use it for mobile apps, games, retro design projects and etc.

Flip Flop (Free)

If your design project is on the theme of hi-tech, computers, etc., then this cute free pixelated font will fit perfectly into the overall composition.

Pixeboy (Free)

It is a modern and unique display typeface. It is suitable for any kind of display purposes such as logos, product packaging, posters, merch, branding and etc.


It is a font that is inspired by everyday life and rising game industry. Perfect for clothing brands, product labels, logotypes, packaging, fashion, e-sports, gaming and etc.

Game Over

It is a modern pixel style font made suitable for game purpose or other display purpose. It features a unique style and will add a unique feel to your upcoming projects.


It is a fun 8-bit font full of personality that brings back the memories of old time. Perfect fit for 8-bit styled illustrations, icons, logos, posters, and t-shirts.


It is a cubist pureness tech sans apt font for headlines, editorial, branding, packaging, printed materials and typographic applications.

Pixel Craft

It is one of amazing fonts suitable to complement your digital and printed creative products. Perfect for posters, social media posts, branding, personal projects and etc.

Video Game

Bringing back all of that 80’s nostalgia and old good days. This font are perfect for making something look retro cool. Also included 17 pixel martians!

Broken Console

The geometric pixel font inspired by the old school game console which displaying pixel art in the game view. Ideal for specific themes like techno, digital, retro, cyberpunk, gaming and etc.


A retro pixel sans serif font comes in regular and bold styles. Best for gaming culture and retro console that live in 8bit to 32bit pixel style.

Sabo (Free)

It is an amazing pixelated fonts that have two styles: filled and outlines. Perfect for gaming industry and more others.

Gorgeous (Free)

It is a minimalistic pixelated font that is perfect for gaming industry, web, apps, badges and other artworks.

Pixer (Free)

Cute free pixelated font for your amazing designs such as gaming, t-shirts, video titles, covers and etc.

Stopwatch (Free)

A free and good looking pixelated font for your design arts such as gaming, t-shirts, video titles, covers and etc.

Mistry Box

It is heavy bold display font, perfectly fits for big titles, branding, logos and more.

Waves Chunky CPC

It’s large , chunky and can fit in a lot of your retro looking designs such as gaming, video titles, covers, t-shirts and etc.

Chubby Choo

It is a retro bitmap typeface. Perfectly going for gaming, posters, covers, video titles and etc.

Rixel (Free)

It is a nice pixelated free font for your design projects such as gaming, video titles, posters, covers and etc.

PixBob Lite (Free)

It is a font that is designed to make it easier to design 8bit or pixel. This font is designed cleanly and precisely so it’s easy to read, looks elegant and easy to apply to your pixel project.


This perfect pixelated font is created for games, web design, branding and social media works.

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