Flip-Flop / Free Pixel Font

How to improve the project and fill it with personal style? The key is to choose unique and extraordinary fonts that can convey all the emotions that you bring to your work. Here is the exclusive offering from the expert team of MasterBundles. Just look at it closer and you will definitely realize that this typeface is exactly what you are looking for.

This is the Flip-flop pixel font that imitates the text on punched cards. It is a typeface made of small squares. Something similar you might have seen in the well-known Minecraft game, but Flip-flop surprises you with its sophisticated appearance, which is amazing because the product is pixelated. It is great to use when working with images, small titles, and texts. You can apply it to block headlines on the website, in presentations as well as for apps.

If your design project is on the theme of hi-tech, computers, etc., then this web solution will fit perfectly into the overall composition.

Thanks to the combination of pixels and fine smooth lines, the font is quite easy to read. It includes all the necessary characters to create projects of any complexity. Now let’s check out the eye-catching design of this typeface:

Font case: Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuations;
File format: TTF and OTF format;
License: Free for personal and commercial use;
Author: Liza Koenhoven

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