20+ Nature Photoshop Actions / Create Fabulous Effects

Give a mind blowing makeover to your nature themed photographs with our perfectly designed and handpicked Nature Photoshop Actions. In this awesome collection we have gathered more as 20 Photoshop actions to enhance your nature photos. You would no longer be wanted to manually add each and every effect to your pictures as by using these nature Photoshop actions you would be able to complete repetitive tasks to achieve the desired effects in a highly swift manner.

Enjoy this great effects and add to your photos an incredible style everyone loves to see.

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3 Free Sunshine Photoshop Actions

Achieve professional quality results on your portraits and travel photographs. These creative filters will speed up your workflow. They’re specialized for portraits, landscapes, travel and lifestyle photos.

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Free Photoshop Actions for Photographers

Make beautiful outside effects by using these free Photoshop actions a specially made for photographers.

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Free Photoshop Actions for Travel Photography

You can change the color and even the mood of your travel photos. As a rule, these actions are used for adding light, sun and good mood. Highly recommended to use for outdoor photos taken at the Golden Hour.

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12 Free Photoshop Actions

These actions are perfect for beginner and experienced professional photographers alike and include a variety of different actions for different types of photography, including free portrait actions, free newborn actions and free retouch actions.

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Wanderlust Photoshop Action

The editing provided will help you to achieve the green cool look. Your pictures will get the eye-catching look.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/1270744/433854/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Fwanderlust-photoshop-action-FLKSBJ8″]Info / Download Source[/button]

Tallgrass Photoshop Action

Tired of dull greens in your outdoor photography? This action delivers an automatic one-click solution, adding volume and color depth, with a special color shift tune-up to enhance greens.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/1270744/433854/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Ftallgrass-photoshop-action-J4VH3K”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Fjordland Landscape Photoshop Actions

Fjordland action set offers 10 full-featured Photoshop toning actions for landscape, travel and outdoor photography. They provide non-destructive color process, enhancing overall look and adding some atmosphere to your images.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/1270744/433854/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Ffjordland-landscape-photoshop-actions-CP3K2B”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Vibrant Forest Photoshop Actions

Get that beautiful aesthetic look that you always wanted for your photo posts ,or style, that will give your photos a perfect results with only a simple click.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/1270744/433854/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Fvibrant-forest-effects-photoshop-actions-75Y3JF3″]Info / Download Source[/button]

Oceania Photoshop Actions

Moody and wild spirited, they will add expression and character to your imagery. Also great for all genres of artistic photography.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/1270744/433854/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Foceania-photoshop-actions-C6LVN5″]Info / Download Source[/button]

Landscape Photoshop Actions

You can add incredible depth and personality to your landscape photos with just a few clicks. Using these actions you will get on time and you will get beautiful colors with different effects.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/1270744/433854/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Flandscape-photoshop-actions-GJ4UVBM”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Landscape Photoshop Actions

This pack contains quality filters that will add unique colors and tones which will make your dull photographs and make it into creative which you wish for.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/1270744/433854/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Flandscape-photoshop-actions-CM4M9Y”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Suburbia Photoshop Actions

Great for portraits and all genres of modern authentic photography: blog photography, lifestyle, weddings and newborn/children photography.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/c/1270744/433854/4662?u=https%3A%2F%2Felements.envato.com%2Fsuburbia-photoshop-actions-B8AJCD”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Landscape Photoshop Actions

A complete landscape, nature and architecture photography workflow featuring 25 amazing effects. From basic adjustments to color effects to detail enhancements, there’s everything you need to make your landscape images look awesome.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/filterefex/711293-Landscape-Photoshop-Actions?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Colorful Landscape Photoshop Actions

Creative and colorful landscape Photoshop actions adds an incredible effects to your photographs in an easy clicks.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/FixThePhoto/3601683-Colorful-Landscape-Photoshop-Actions?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

25 Nature Photoshop Actions

25 stunning nature Photoshop actions to enhance your photo style. Easy to use with some clicks.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/BatoGjokaj/3019862-25-Nature-Photoshop-Actions?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Adventure Photoshop Action

Very observable results for all your photography, manipulations flyers and other creative artworks.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/ViktorGjokaj/5047830-Adventure-Photoshop-Action?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Spring Photoshop Actions

25 easy to use Photoshop actions in a theme of nature. Save your precious time and use these actions to enhance your photos.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/BatoGjokaj/4710524-Spring-Photoshop-Actions?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Magnificent Landscape Actions

One click fully-automated Photoshop actions to enhance your photo styling with these great effects.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/FixThePhoto/4842999-Magnificent-Landscape-Actions?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Legends of the Fall – Photoshop Action Set

It is the professional set of 10 autumn Photoshop actions. Save time and make your photos styling with these fall actions.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/sasha.neska/2032406-Legends-of-the-Fall-PS-Action-Set?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

90 Nature Photoshop Actions

This pack containing 90 perfect Photoshop ATN for photography. This action is specially made for photographers, graphic designer & artists.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/DreamColors/3987638-90-Nature-Photoshop-Actions?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Forest Photoshop Actions

Very observable results for all your photography, manipulations flyers and other creative artworks.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/ViktorGjokaj/5563893-Forest-Photoshop-Actions?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

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