15+ Ghost Photoshop Actions to Awaken Your Photos

This time we want to please you and present a controversial collection of ghost Photoshop actions that will surely wake up your photographs. Maybe you wanted exactly such effects, but you couldn’t find them anywhere, so here we put them in this list below.

All these Photoshop effects were created by professional designers and are of the highest quality, whether they are free or premium actions. Feel free to check our list and choose your favorite ones to download. Don’t create the actions from scratch when you have a possibility to use already created, so you will save your time and efforts. Enjoy today.

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Glitch Ghost Photo Effect

A glitch ghost photo effect for photoshop

This Photoshop photo effect is the merge of ethereal ghost-like forms with the cyberpunk vibes from the glitch color mode. A one click action and easy to create the effect via Photoshop.

Ghost Disrupted Photo Effect

A ghost disrupted photo effect for photoshop

This photo effect asset is easy to manage via smart object feature in Photoshop. Create a fast ghost actions with just a one click.

Ghost Face Photoshop Action

A ghost face photoshop action

A fast and easy ghost effects to your photos. Working good with smart object feature in Photoshop.

Ghost Glitch Photoshop Action

A ghost glitch photoshop action

Professional multifunctional artistic action transform your photos into ghost glitch impressive artworks with a lot of elements and options to customise and improve. Highly detailed result, a lot of possibilities. One click action.

Ghost Photo Effect Action

A ghost photo effect action for photoshop

Get that beautiful aesthetic ghost look that you always wanted for your photo posts ,or style, that will give your photos a perfect results with only a simple click via Photoshop.

Ghost Chromatic Half Tone Action Set

A ghost chromatic half tone photoshop actions

It is a patterned half tone Photoshop action pack for creating chromatically altered digital photos in one click. Press play and get 12 distinguished effects.

Ghost Blur Photo Effect

A ghost blur photo effect photoshop action

Create out mesmerizing, high-quality images and photography in a couple of clicks. This photo effect comprises smart object layers in Photoshop, providing complete customization, ease, and versatility of a working process.

Destoyed Photoshop Action

A destroyed ghosty photoshop action

Majestic neon light, flaming energy glow, mysterious ghosty exposure of colors – it’s a mind-bending Photoshop action, helping you change any chosen picture within a few mouse clicks.

Smudged Gloomy Photoshop Effect

A sudged gloomy photoshop effect

This Photoshop effect will be seen variously, that adds depth to the design. Easy to use in smart object layers and a one time click action.

Hologram Photoshop Action

A ghosty hologram photoshop action

Create a highly detailed hologram / ghosty effect from your photos just by clicking play on the action. The action also produces 20 color looks to choose from.

Destroyed Photo Effect for Posters

A destroyed photo effect photoshop action

The asset starts off by offering you 3 grain effect styles with exposure outlines moving in different directions. Use for your photos to make them a ghosty effects via smart object layers in Photoshop.

Hologlyph Photoshop Action

A hologlyph photoshop action

This comprehensive Photoshop action takes the digital hologram glitch effect to the brink and beyond. Create ghosty photos with just a one click without any efforts.

Ghost Disrupted Effect for Posters

A ghost disrupted effect for posters

These are the ghost spirits nobody will be scared of, as they’re trapped into a form of distressed photo effect for posters. Use it in Photoshop and create the effects in a dfferent ways.

Zoom Blur Photoshop Action

A xoom blur photoshop action

Create this effect via Photoshop and smart object feature in just a few seconds. Easy and no efforts.

Duotone Ghost Glitch Photoshop Action

A duotone ghost glitch photoshop action

Get that beautiful aesthetic look that you always wanted for your photo posts ,or style, that will give your photos a perfect results with only a simple click in Photoshop.

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