Methods of Converting WebP to PNG Image Format

WebP and PNG are famous image formats used for different graphics representation. Both the formats have their own advantages and strengths and are used for different purposes and in different scenarios. Conversion of webp to png is required when you are dealing with compatibility issues or a high quality of image is required. As PNG quality image is higher than webp. 

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Before digging deep into the conversion process of webp to png format let’s consider information about these two files.


Webp is a modern image format developed by Google systems for faster and better webpage loading. The size of the image is smaller and quality is maintained. It makes the website load faster without any disruption. This is a perfect choice image for web-based graphics due to its lossy or lossless compression of images. Google uses advanced compression algorithms for making the websites load faster.


PNG is an older image format than webp and many web browsers and applications support this image format. PNG stands for portable network graphics and is a popular raster graphic format. It works with lossless image compression which maintains the high image quality when the file is larger again. This image format is considered for crisp details and precise color graphic representation. It is also famous for transparency support. 

Webp provides a superior compression but some older versions of browser and application do not open or edit them therefore the need of conversion form webp to png is required.

Hot to Convert WebP to PNG in Mac

  • Open the file in preview mode;
  • Click on file and export;
  • On export option you can save it as png file format. If webp has transparent background make sure to check alpha to stay that transparency in image. Then save and image is converted.

Conversion of WebP to PNG in Windows

  • Open the webp file in MS Paint;
  • Go to the file and save as ,in this option select png format and hence the file is saved.

Convert WebP to PNG Using Photoshop

Converting web file to png by Adobe Photoshop is yet another method of conversion of image format. Both are supported in Windows or Mac. For webp file conversion you will need to download an extra plugin. To download the plugin follow webshop instructions. Once you installed the plugin you can open webp image format in it. Use the steps now to export the chosen image and select the PNG format. Now you can work with PNG files like other files.

Online Conversion WebP to PNG

Online conversion is also the easiest method of convert webp to png  that converts your files without compromising the quality. 

  • On the internet there are a variety of webp to png converters but is a reliable converter which retains image quality. For online conversion there is no hassle of downloading software and providing an easy to use user interface. 
  • Upload the webp image with drag and drop facility or browse from your computer.
  • Wait until file is completely upload and start the conversion process by pressing the button convert.
  • Once the conversion is completed a downloaded button will display. Press to download the PNG version of images.


There are three methods in which webp image format can be changed either in mac os but most people use windows. Adobe photoshop is another option but software needs to download and process takes time. The best solution is online conversion which takes care of image quality and compatibility while conversion.

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