20+ Matte Look Lightroom Presets for Your Photos

Bringing a unique matte effects to your photos was never so easy as now by using these matte look Lightroom presets. These cool presets come in such a wide variety of styles, which one do you choose? They provide a deep contrast style, with the soft touch of color damping to create an amazing effect withing a seconds.

If you’ve been looking for a way to bring that stunning matte look to your photos, then look no further than our list below.

What is a Lightroom Preset?

For beginners, photo editors without a lot of time, or designers that want to create a consistent visual style for imagery, a Lightroom Preset can be a great alternative to manual editing.

A preset is a free (or paid) add-on that comes with pre-determined settings for some of the different features in Lightroom. A preset has all the settings ready to create a certain type of visual with just one click. They can save photographers, editors, and designers a lot of time while helping maintain a consistent visual style.

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Free Matte Lightroom Preset

If you desire to give your photos a beautiful matte effect, this free Lightroom preset is the answer. Just test for a good result.

[button link=”https://shutterpulse.com/free-matte-lightroom-preset-2/”]Download Source[/button]

20 Urban Matte Lightroom Presets & LUTs

Achieve matte film looks with a modern twist. These Urban Matte presets give you an easy way to get great neutral colors with a faded matte effect that looks amazing.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/0JGDzL”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Matte Lightroom Presets

This matte Lightroom presets contains a range of traditionally styled matte presets, each providing a deep contrast design, mixed with a color-damped aesthetic.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/vnDqgN”]Info / Download Source[/button]

June Matte Lightroom Presets

June Matte presets are designed to enhance portrait, fashion and landscape photography. They provide soft and non-destructive matte toning with a summertime mood. Editorial quality.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/jWRAja”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Colour Matte Lightroom Presets Vol.1

16 premium Lightroom effects are the professional photo retouch and perfect for photographers and graphic designers.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/e4nPx6″]Info / Download Source[/button]

50 Matte Lightroom Presets

Give your photos a great and unique look without learning countless photo editing techniques. Now you can fix colors, soften skin, sharpen details, and much more, just in a few minutes.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/gbRkQv”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Matte Effect Lightroom Preset Collection

This set contains 25 Lightroom presets which have been specially designed to give your photos the matte look. It includes many different styles to choose from to create the perfect photo.

[button link=”https://yellowimages.com/stock/matte-effect-photography-lightroom-preset-collection-17212?yi=17970″]Info / Download Source[/button]

Colour Matte Lightroom Presets Vol.2

16 premium Lightroom effects are the professional photo retouch and perfect for photographers and graphic designers.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/MXK3vY”]Info / Download Source[/button]

20 Modern Matte Lightroom Presets and LUTs

A remix of the faded film look with modern color palettes. These Lightroom presets give your photos a moody look with cinematic two-color palette.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/P0zNvM”]Info / Download Source[/button]

14 Matte + VSCO Lightroom Presets

These professional Lightroom presets are designed to improve workflow for processing and editing photos with modern, minimalistic and trendy look with VSCO mood.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/WDO3zO”]Info / Download Source[/button]

50 Matte Film Lightroom Presets LUTs

This bundle of 50 Lightroom presets and LUTs gives you a matte film look for a wide range of photos.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/KeB3Gv”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Matte Blogger Lightroom Presets & ACR

A set features 10 beautiful matte toning presets for Lightroom and Photoshop (ACR). Specially designed for bloggers, portrait photographers or small business owners.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/5bkPGo”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Coated Matte Lightroom Presets

These Lightroom presets will give your photos a hip look effect with vintage colors everything you need to professionally process your photos.

[button link=”https://1.envato.market/5bkP0b”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Premium Matte Lightroom Presets

These amazing Lightroom presets is a beautiful, faded and stylish finish for your photographs.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/BeArt-Presets/470933-Matte-Lightroom-Presets-Premium-vol2?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Magical Matte Lightroom Presets

The package features a total of 42 Lightroom presets to enhance your photo style.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/black.white.vivid./2082600-Magical-MATTE-Lightroom-Presets?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Matte Box – Lightroom Presets

These Lightroom presets has been designed to give your images the popular matte finish look by washing out the colors especially fading the blacks slightly and making your images appear as if they have been printed on matte paper.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/Hydrozi/655101-Matte-Box-Lightroom-Presets?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Matte Effect Lightroom Presets

Transform your photos with just one click, save time editing and create a beautiful film-like effect.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/black.white.vivid./2354028-Matte-Effect-Lightroom-Presets?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Matte Lightroom Presets

20 Matte presets for Lightroom toning, monochrome, vintage, cross processing.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/PresetPerfect/425147-Matte-Lightroom-Presets?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

4 Matte Portrait Lr & Ps Presets

Lightroom presets are the most easy, affordable, and time saving way to make your photos shine to a professional standard with simple click of a button.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/whoshotthepresets/702475-4-Matte-Portrait-Lr-Ps-Presets?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

Matte & Film Lightroom Presets

This set includes 30 Lightroom presets to give your photos a matte or film look.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/exposureempire/2215680-Matte-Film-Lightroom-Presets?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

35 Matte & Pastel Lightroom Presets

This set of 35 Lightroom presets is just what the doctor ordered. Create warm and contrastic matte effects for your photos.

[button link=”https://creativemarket.com/Contrastly/365907-Matte-Pastel-Lightroom-Presets?u=decolore”]Info / Download Source[/button]

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