How to Market Graphic Design Services?

The graphic design industry has developed rapidly in the last few years. Importantly, it will continue to grow due to business development. What does it mean for graphic design services and businesses? For the most part, the higher competition.

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To get clients, graphic designers should be visible and stand out. It applies to any graphic design business: design studio, freelance worker or small design service owner. As soon as they know how to market themselves, they are likely to count on new offers and contracts. This post will shed light on how to get graphic design clients and show some self-promotion ideas for graphic designers.

How to Get Graphic Design Clients: The Basics

A graphic design business owner has several options to find clients. Before all, the business can target the client writing to them directly, or resort to graphic design self-promotion, attracting the clients’ attention.

In the first case, you may use cold outreach, ask for referrals, collaborate with others or use networking. Yet, you should have a portfolio or a digital place that will perform its functions and display your works. The second strategy contemplates using platforms to show your results so that other business graphic actors could find you and propose a contract.

At the same time, one should understand that no marketing strategy is possible unless you do the following:

  • Identify your niche. Before making a further step, ask yourself what your specialization is and how it benefits you. There are enough graphic design business actors for your service. For instance, you can focus on designing logos, creating animations, forming websites, working on infographics or producing brochures. For sure, you can know how to do all that at once, but the graphic design promotion would require a strategy for each of these niches.
  • Go into the needs of the customer. Efficient marketing for graphic designers contemplates reflecting the needs of the clients. Within each niche, clients have different needs. For instance, startups have lower budgets, while social media collaborations require timely results. Animation studios would require quality and the ability to make changes. Your portfolio should consider the needs of the clients and offer the solutions that would suit them.
  • Find a marketing channel. Another thing to think of is choosing the right channel. You may use email marketing, social media, specific platforms, or your website. Each of these channels has its benefits and its disadvantages. That’s why many people combine them for advertising graphic design.
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Marketing for Graphic Designers: Tips to Promote Your Service

Self-promotion requires a lot of effort, especially in the beginning. Yet, if you manage to organize a great portfolio and create a page on social media or within platforms, you will have an excellent basis. Here are some tips that can be useful for the process of marketing for graphic designers.

Design a Portfolio or Website with Works

The portfolio is the portrayal of your works, proving your skills. In this regard, it is worth portraying the best works. Besides, add your style to it to show a piece of your personality. At the same time, try to describe the creative process and the solutions you provided for the best works. Lastly, don’t forget about the reviews and recommendations of your previous clients or collaborators.

Regarding websites that can be used for portfolio creation, there are WordPress websites, as well as websites builders and portfolio websites. The first ones give you freedom. The second offer convenience and templates, while the third are like digital graphic artist business cards.

Choose the Right Places to Promote Your Graphic Business

Well, at this stage, you should remember about the niche and the clients you want to work with. For sure, there are popular places like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. If you have a digital presence there, it is likely to add to your self-image and self-promotion. Moreover, on Instagram and Facebook, you have business accounts. One can design their own graphic design advertisement examples and apply them via paid ads.

At the same time, try LinkedIn, a business-oriented platform. That’s where people talk more about business than design. There you can search for clients by position, industry, business or occupation. Besides, there are freelance platforms and creative networks that can be great places to advertise your business. Behance offers excellent opportunities for collaboration with other designers or agencies. Upwork and similar websites are great for freelance projects.

Cold Outreech: Contact the Clients Directly

Outreach is about reaching people and offering them products. In terms of graphic design promotion, it is a way to propose your services or build relationships. Why? It is concerned with graphic design networking. If you write to new businesses or art projects, pitching your ideas and sharing your portfolio, they can contact you later with an offer.

In this regard, such software as an email address verifier can help you get valid emails from LinkedIn pages and websites, meaning you can also write directly to agencies. Just imagine you found several startup owners on LinkedIn and see they are looking for a designer. You can write them an email and present your concept.

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Ask for Referrals and Reviews

One of the self-promotion ideas for graphic designers is to ask your clients for referrals and reviews.  If your work is excellent, they will be glad to leave a lovely review on your page or website with a portfolio. It may be LinkedIn or Upwork. However, make sure that your profiles are established and look good before placing a review. They should fit each other and generate solid social proof.

Referrals are likely to bring more results. Word of mouth has been the most effective technique for centuries. Ask a client for a referral to another business or colleague. If they trust each other, they are likely to trust you and your skills.

Level Up Your Networking

Lastly, it is essential to find some time for networking in social media and participation in graphic design events. They may be digital workshops, forums or social media groups. After a comment or a speech, you can share your graphic artist business cards to be remembered.

Such events are the way to show your competence and expertise. Besides, another way is to post content on different websites and share your experience. In its turn, these actions are to impact your reputation and introduce you to other people that can offer you a job.

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