No other PC configurations can beat the smooth performance of Macs. The prime feature of a Mac is its seamless operational benefit that graphic designers use. Its compatibility with the devices developed by Apple for graphic designing is remarkable. Expressing your thoughts with colors, textures, and different other graphic traits becomes a lot easier with these machines.

Budding graphic designers often look for better applications installed on Mac and can be used seamlessly for brilliant outcomes. If you are one in the clan, you can use the following graphic designing applications for free on your Mac and brush your skills.

Nine free graphic designing apps for Mac:

1. Preview for Simple Graphic Work

Preview is the default graphic designing application you will find installed in the MacOS. It offers a basic toolkit to annotate, draw, and sketch. The toolkit and features are present in the Markup toolbar on this application. So open any image or a blank page and start doodling, following your thoughts.

2. Paintbrush

Another entry on this list, Paintbrush, is a free application you can download and cherish the simplicity of Microsoft Paint. This application has better features than Preview and offers a basic platform for different kinds of graphic designing projects. It is considered to be the equivalent of Paint for Mac the users love. It has a paint bucket, spray, pencils, lines, etc., to enjoy a basic-level graphic designing venture.

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3. Tayasui Sketches

Proceeding to a higher level, Tayasui Sketches is what you need for commendable graphic designing. In addition, you can use the advanced set of tools provided in this MacOS application to sharpen your designing skills. Graphic designers, painters, illustrators, and artists use this popular application universally and add convenience to give the right shape to their artistic ideas.

Download Tayasui Sketches on your Mac and learn how to use its vivid toolkit. This graphic designing app can be used for free to create new graphic documents, edit, modify colors, etc. Discover all kinds of designing tools on the sidebar to give your thoughts the right shape. Practice and use this app as the right platform for your creativity.

4. Sip: Save Your Colors

This is another innovative application developed and served free for Mac graphic designers. This app can store the colors you like to use in the future and create a customizable palette. Sip is an intuitive and handy application that enables you to organize your palette according to your requirements. Sip creates a tiny palette or color picker to help pick colors conveniently when you are working on your exclusive ideas. When you are using Tayasui Sketches or any free app, you can use Sip right on the side of your screen to choose colors.

5. Image Tricks

Image Tricks is an editing application developed for customizing images. It has more than 70 filters to use on images, along with over 35 quartz picture modification compositions. Apart from all these features, this app offers 13 brilliant image generators for backgrounds, 20 easily customizable frames for photos, and 70 masks. You can use the free version with limited features, but you will have to pay for the pro version to avail of exclusive features for editing images.

6. Fuzel Collage

Creating collages with images becomes a lot easier with Fuzel Collage. You will be astonished to know that your collage can contain 100 images. No, it’s not confusing to add 100 images at once and arrange them when you are using this application. Add unique collage features such as stickers, patterns, effects, music, transition effects, labels, frames, etc, at ease to make your collage way more beautiful than what the other apps offer. In addition, get easy sharing options to feature your creativity on social media platforms.

7. SketchUp

Let us step into the world of 3d graphic designing with SketchUp. This is a unique application with a diverse collection of models in 3D mode. You can use the default models instantly and start working without any hassle on your Mac. The illustration level of your creations will get immensely boosted by the use of this app. Add dimensions, line weights, paint, and customize your drawings in a 3D environment packed with exceptional features.

8. Daz 3D

Are you looking for a superior 3D graphic design platform for illustrations? Daz 3D is the answer to your requisites. This powerful, feature-packed application will let you design exclusive characters, images, impressions, animations, etc for book covers, website content, etc. This application is the ideal platform to learn how to design 3D images and illustrations easily.

9. Inkscape

This versatile application for MacOS offers you to design and edit vector graphic images in SVG format. Design images, logos, diagrams, technical illustrations, banners, web graphics, etc using this application.


These are the 9 free graphic designing applications you can use on MacOS and make your designing ventures convenient. Choose an app according to your need and practice to sharpen your skills.