15+ Electric Photoshop Actions to Energize Your Photos

Electric or energy Photoshop actions is a Photoshop activity that makes power impacts over a picture. They are really cool, adding an amazing photo effects within a couple of minutes without making any work.

Photoshop action that you can utilize it to make photograph control works of art incorporates Lightning, Lights, Electricity and Amazing Color reviewing that produce a subject of suspense. This activity made for designers and photographers who are searching for new and alluring innovative pictures and structures.

Here are more as 15 premium quality Photoshop actions to download for your next projects. It is simply to make changes in Photoshop. Have a good mood and enjoy the power of Photoshop actions.

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Power Photoshop Action

Powerfull photoshop actions and effects

Create this lightning power effect from your photos with no work at all. A one click Photoshop action gives you an energizing result.

Fractule Photoshop Action

Different colorful electric photoshop actions

If you need a fast cool effects for your photos, then this Photoshop action will be easily working for you.

Hurricane Photoshop Action CS2+

Storm lightning effects photoshop action

Just open your picture, brush over your object and play the action! You will get strong lightnings with rain effect on your photo in few minutes and clicks.

Electric 2 Photoshop Action

Powerful electric photoshop action

This action made for designers and photographers who are looking for an attractive pictures and designs.Anyone can use this action in a very easy way, no need professional skills to create unique artworks.

Electricity Lightning Effect

Electricity photoshop action effects

An energising Photoshop manipulation action for all your photo enhancements to create a special effects in one click.

Electric Photoshop Action

Lightning photoshop effects and actions

Create stunning electric sparks effect on any photo. Its super easy to use and save yourself hours of work. Final composition is fully layered and provides lots of effects and customization.

Electric Energy Photoshop Action

Electric energy photoshop effects

This action transforms your photos into professional looking lightning artworks. You have lots of layer control to adjust your results.

Energy FX – Electricity Photoshop Action

Energy effects photoshop action

Create an electrical discharges and glow effects on your photo. The action has been tested and working in Photoshop since version CS6 and newer versions.

Electrum Photoshop Action

Electricity effects to your photos

Incredible Photoshop action with marvelous effects of electric lighting. Easy to change color, contrast and gradient of lighting. Very simple to use.

Amazing Power Photoshop Action Vol.2

Creative powerfull effects photoshop action

This action transforms your photos into professional looking powerful artworks. You have lots of layer control to adjust your results. Easy to use and edit.

Impulse CS4+ Photoshop Action

A nice impulse electic photoshop effects

This action transform your photo with an amazing effects as shown in preview. Easy to use and edit just with one click.

Tesla CS3+ Photoshop Action

Tesla energy effects for photoshop

Create separate effects with your own colors and styles. Easy to use and edit.

Energy Animation Photoshop Action

Animated energy effects for your photos

The item is one of the best in its kind. This product is very useful and developed with care. This cool energetic Photoshop action might prove a game changer for you.

Energy Photoshop Action

Energy power photoshop action

Adjust something creative to your photos as this set of Photoshop action will brings you an amazing energetic effects.

Arcanum Photoshop Action CS3+

Amazing arcanum photoshop action

Just brush the area over your object and play the action. You will get the effect of cosmic smoke and sparkles in a few minutes and clicks.

Thunder Photoshop Action

Colorful thunder lightning photoshop effects

These amazing and time-saving thunder Photoshop effects can be a game changer for your photographs. Easy to use and unlimited results.

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