Farming and agriculture has changed a lot in the last, oh, say, several thousand years. logos and branding have evolved, too. Words like these are associated with the color green. Most of the logos in this article are related to these words but some are not. The important thing is that they’re all well designed logos and their authors deserve some appreciation. Keep browsing and inspire your self

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1. Agriculture Logo Design by Lulia Alexandra

2. Agrotrade Logo Design (Option 2) by Mihai Dolganiuc

3. Estudos – AgroCultura Logo by Igor Bordignon

4. GRINAI – Logo Design by Eugeniu Gulica

5. Farmgen Logo by Alan Josephson

6. California Cling Peaches by MJR Creative Group

7. Agriculture Logo by Marie Martirosyan

8. William Farm Logo by Mihir Bhavsar

9. Balcony to Table by 

10. Farmers Market Logo Exploration by 

11. Land to Market Logo Exploration by 

12. PRWC Logo WIP by 

13. Natural Clean Logo Design by 

14. Bazaar Day Logo by 

15. Biofarm Logo Badge by 

16. Rural Farm Logo Design by 

17. WN Poltava by 

18. Wheat Logo by 

19. Green Gifts by 

20. Logo Concept for AZ Young Farmers Alliance by 

21. AgroPonics® logo mark by