Making a good design can be simple if you know the basics. Like in anything, you must understand the fundamentals to create a fantastic piece. It is because knowing the design principles is the foundation of the design skillset. The basics will help you get further into your work and deliver quality results instead of using ready-made templates.

Besides, understanding a good design is vital because you can use any software program to complete your project. Technology is changing, but the principles do not change. So, when you get them right, you are good to do your designing job.

A good design is what everyone is looking for. As a designer, you must understand what is driving you. The message you communicate must make someone take action. Whether you are communicating in words, images or both, the viewer must take a particular message from your design. The viewer must get the information, inspiration, or a call to action. Here are some of the basics that will make your design exceptional.


This places priority on elements such as graphics, text or images on your layout. When you have a message, it is vital to know where you will put it. What comes first and the impact it creates on the viewer is significant. The hierarchy will include placement, size and color.


Talking about color is self-explanatory because it creates vibrancy and gives life to your design. It is essential to select the correct color because it creates deeper meaning within your design. Personal preference, relationship to the subject and the company’s brand are some of the factors that determine the color.


Where and how you place the images and texts on your layout makes or breaks your design. Placement concentrates on the positioning of elements for easy visibility. Alignment also considers the proximity of the design elements and how they line up with overall space.


This is how you use letterforms and fonts to display your content. It is essential because how you organize texts on the page influences how the audience understands your message. A good designer must look at fonts, size and thickness. Each element is essential and communicates a different message. 

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Opposing elements are excellent in making your design unique. The contrast can be size, shape, space or color. The contrast emphasizes your design. Also, ensure you give enough balance of this and that so that some elements do not outweigh others. A good balance of elements captures the eye. It enables the focal points to be evident but not crushingly prominent.


It dictates the feel of your design. You can present what your audience wants to feel. You can make them feel happy, sad, or informational. The message you provide can depict positivity or negativity. Ensure that you get the right emotions for your design.

Form and Function

The function must be a priority over the visual appeal of the design. There must be a balance between the purpose and how you want your design to look. It must be appealing and present the information you want to put across. If it is a website, it must work well and look good.

These are some of the elements that make the designing basics. They do not happen overnight. It is a process that requires a considerable amount of time and practice to achieve. With time and consistency in practicing, you will be able to effectively use the elements highlighted in this piece.

Find some examples to help you incorporate your skills naturally into your projects. Be mindful of how you use these elements collectively to make an excellent design.

Learn more about the design basics to ensure you can handle any project. Creativity and extensive knowledge about your project will help you create unique projects. Seek help from professionals and see how they complete their projects. There are many things that one must know to become an excellent graphic designer. Take time to understand some of them and know how you can employ them in your projects.

Understanding how to use these elements is a plus because you can work with various designing tools. Different software uses the same ideas from the basic designing skills. For instance, learn how to use imagery, which includes graphic, icon and photographs, to make your work excellent.