Themes for Universities, Online Courses, and Schools

Getting an education is a natural step in the development of every individual. But this changes over time, with new educational opportunities appearing every few years. If a couple of years ago getting an education was possible only by attending face-to-face classes, this is now possible online too. Online education has gained more and more momentum within societies.

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It is one of the opportunities many people get, as attending face-to-face classes is not always possible due to reasons such as having a job or a family to take care of. However, you can be a student who attends classes online and who enrolls in a college or university that helps you expand your knowledge and improve your skills.

So, to catch the attention of potential students, you need to have a well-designed website. Wondering what are the most popular themes for universities, online courses, and schools? Continue reading to find out more about themes about education.

1. Kalium

Kalium creative theme for professionals

If you are looking for a nice theme for education, then you should know that Kalium lives up to the expectations. It is one of the most popular and downloaded themes on ThemeForest. As it uses a nice color scheme and a clean and flexible design, it is one of the themes for school and any educational institutions. It allows you to send your message efficiently but also creates a pleasant user experience for students who are looking to find out more about your educational offer. You can customize it however you want and make use of the over 800 available icons and styles.

When you are a student in school, you are familiar with the tasks your teacher prefers to assign to you. They are more or less connected with the lesson you have just learned and they help you expand your knowledge and improve your skills. Papers are of many types, so you might write a few of them. But many students feel defeated by the requirements and do not know where to start writing. There are examples of evaluation essays you can find online that will inspire you. Evaluation paper examples can act as guidance when you feel defeated by your academic tasks.

2. Kingster

Kingster Universite the best theme for students

Kingster is another incredible theme for online courses, schools, and universities. It is used by many of them and it ranks higher when it comes to functionalities. For example, one of the specifics of this theme is that it has a course search that allows students to identify the best course for themselves.

On top of this, it has a fast speed, which is essential these days. Moreover, it is one of the themes most suited to educational institutions that offer online courses too. It has features such as a PayPal payment allowance, but also the option of managing quizzes and questions.

3. Astra

Astra the most popular theme of all time

Last but not least, Astra is one of the bestsellers when it comes to WordPress themes for educational institutions. The design and color scheme are playful and vibrant and they can be customized easily. This is one of the themes that are most suited to educational institutions that offer online courses, as it has features that help you craft an incredible website. 

Final Thoughts

As a school or university that offers nice educational opportunities, you are probably looking for ways to catch the attention of prospective students. There are many ways you can do this, but having an eye-candy and appealing website is an efficient solution. These are just some of the themes that could suit your needs, but make sure to explore the entire offer as there are many interesting choices.

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