Extensive Guide How to Create a Logo for Your Startup

Entrepreneurs have high passion but are usually low on cash. They are on a strict budget, which requires planning to get things done by spending less money.

If you are just starting a new venture, you must already have a vision for it, and most probably, you have even decided on the company name by now. There is even a possibility that you have come up with a slick slogan, but you will still be needing a logo that you can’t design unless you are a professional graphic designer. 

You might come up with logo ideas, but it won’t be of any use if you don’t have the skill to use the designing software. In this scenario, thinking of an idea is the easy part; getting it implemented is the part where you will need to hire someone. 

The hiring part will cost you a lot, especially if you want quality work. At the end of the day, a logo design will stay with you for a long time. However, in this blog, we will try our best to tell you the ways you can get it done for less money without compromising on quality.

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Conduct Thorough Research

If you hire a design agency, they will do it for you, but in your case, you are a little short on money, so you will have to conduct research all by yourself. 

Well, we do have good news for you. Since you are familiar with the line of your business, it will not be difficult for you to collect data that will help you further down the process.

The research phase is crucial and will provide the base for the entire design process. In this part of the design process, you need to:

Study the Logo Designs of Your Competitors

Taking inspiration is not a crime; in fact, it will open up your mind to new ideas. Also, it provides you the starting point from where you have to start thinking. For example, by looking at the designs, you can easily figure out the creative direction you need to follow.

Define the Audience You Are Looking to Target

Knowing the target audience is the key; at the end of the day. They are the ones who you need to impress. Your logo design should not have something attractive for everyone; instead, it should have everything for some people. And those some people are the ones who will be buying your product. You need to study multiple aspects that shape the perception of the people depending on culture, demographics, and other socio-economic factors.

Come Up with Your Own Ideas

Now that you have a sound knowledge about the business and its dynamics. Let us go a step further. Since we are looking to save up some money, we will have to come up with our own ideas.

This should not be difficult after going through multiple logo designs of your competitors. But if you are still having a hard time coming up with something unique and creative, then you should know that patience and consistency are the keys. 

You can look upon the internet for creative thinking techniques, like mind mapping, six thinking hats, the three Bs, etc. All these techniques will get those creative juices flowing, and you will come up with great logo ideas in no time.

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Select the Type of Logo Design

Once you have the idea, now is the time to decide which design type you want for your business. 

There are various types of logo designs, some of which are text-based, some incorporate iconic shapes, while others are a mixture of both text and symbols. Choosing the right type is crucial and might get tricky because no type is bad or good on its own. A good design entirely depends on the nature of your business. 

Our advice would be to consult a professional, or if you want to save money, then play safe and opt for the design type that your competitors have.

How Much Are You Willing to Pay

Finally, you are ready to design your logo, but wait, do you know how to use the design software? Obviously, no, you don’t. 

No matter how well you have planned out the logo design, you will still need a graphic designer to make your logo come to life. At this stage, you need to figure how much you are looking to spend, or we must say invest, on your logo design.

We suggest hiring a credible freelancer over an agency. The reason is simple: freelancers will charge you less because you have already done more than half of the work. On the other hand, a design agency will charge you the same fee because they have an agency to run and staff to pay.

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Design a Logo That Lasts

A logo design is forever; that’s why we don’t recommend hiring a rookie. You need a versatile looking, evergreen logo that can represent your company on any platform. And honestly, that can only happen if you hire professionals to do the job.

A famous French writer, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, says: A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Wrapping It Up

Saving up money is one thing and underspending on a necessity is another. A logo is an integral part of your brand that you have to take seriously, or else your consumers will take you for granted. 

Your efforts towards the logo of your brand will determine your business’s future; therefore, choose your logo ideas only after thorough research because it can either make or break your brand. A generic looking logo is a sign of a rookie startup; the professional-looking business has a well-designed and unique logo that is specially tailored for their brand. 

Companies use their logos to grab the attention of the masses because a creatively crafted logo is like a work of art that can stun anyone and shape the perception regarding the brand. A well-designed logo can elevate your company’s status, and you can sell your services or products for a more premium price.

If you follow the instructions mentioned above, we can say that you will end up with a great looking logo without having to file for bankruptcy. Always remember:

The slogan of a company is like a smile, and the logo is like the teeth, make sure they are always sparkling!

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