7 Web Design Ideas to Boost Conversions

The major concern of most online businesses is how to increase their website’s conversion rate. While data states that the average conversion rate is 2.35%, it is possible to have a conversion rate that’s 3 times more than the normal percentage.

Even though this may seem impossible, it is not. The secrets to increasing your conversion rate beyond the average percentage are very easy but a lot of website owners aren’t aware of how to go about it. 

In this article, we will be examining 7 web design tips that will increase your conversion and that major brands like Chennai-Creative implement.

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1. Use Human Faces

Making use of real human faces is a great way to boost your conversions. People relate more and empathize with websites that use human faces. The use of human face triggers familiarity and increases the connection people have with brands. 

Add human faces to key aspects of your website’s contents like testimonials, case studies and to important pages like landing pages and opt-in pages.

There are different ways to get human faces that you’ll use on your website; you can download stock photos with human faces from the internet, hire models or better still you can be the face of your brand. 

If you are the face of your brand, use a photographer to get a photo-shoot done and ensure that a side of the picture has negative spaces. Ensure that whatever face you choose to use is suitable for your brand and represents your business well.

2. Have Reviews and Testimonials on Your Website

Your website’s conversion rate reflects the level of trust your customers have in your brand. An easy way to enhance the credibility of your business and establish the trust that customers have in it is to include reviews and testimonials on your web page.

A lot of people make decisions concerning brands based on what others have to say about their experience with the brand. In fact, 85% of people believe that the reviews are as trustworthy as personal recommendations. 

If you have received emails or comments from customers in the past, commending your business for a job well done, then, by all means, turn such reviews or comments to testimonials on your website.

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This way when people who have doubts about your brand read the testimonials, they will most likely be encouraged to convert. Ensure the testimonials are genuine and not faked. Also, adding a picture of the people who have reviewed your service or who wrote the testimonies can trigger more conversions.

3. Use High Quality Images

The quality of images on your website can improve or reduce the conversions on your site. Your target audience is more attracted to a website that has images more than one that doesn’t. Statistics reveal that 80% of people remember more of what they see than read or hear, so ensure you captivate your target audience with high-quality images. 

The number of views and engagements on websites increases if high-quality images are used. Try as much as possible to avoid using bland stock photos. Go for exciting and attractive images instead.

4. Use the Right Colors

Colors can attract customers and subtly influence their buying behavior. The way customers judge a website within the first few seconds of interaction is usually based on the colors on the website.

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You can make use of colors to trigger the type of reaction you want in the customers. Another great idea is to use contrasting colors to highlight key aspects of the website that you want the customers to focus on for example the call to action button and banner headlines. 

For instance, research has shown that orange and green call to action buttons work best. When key areas of the content of your website stand out, the attention of your customer is drawn to such areas and this increases the chances of a conversion.

5. Content Placement

It’s a fact that humans follow a visual pattern on a web page and if you place your content following that visual pattern you can influence the decision of customers and increase your conversions. 

The visual pattern most people use on websites is the “F” pattern. This means that internet users read from the top left side of a web page and then move to the right thus forming an “F” shape. Under this type of pattern, most of the attention is on the top left portion of the page and the attention reduces towards the bottom of the page. 

You can add an image in-between the texts to form the “Z” pattern. Inserting the image will rekindle the interest of the website visitor. The major aim of having a content placement is to ensure that the most important aspects of your website are located at strategic points where the focus of the visitor is. If you can do this, you will notice a massive increase in conversions.

6. Call-to-Action Button

To increase conversions on your website, you need to add a call to action button to strategic sections of every page of the website. Unfortunately, about 70% of small businesses do not have a call to action button. 

If you have an appealing, inviting, clear and straight to the point call-to-action, your website visitors will effortlessly convert. The reason why a lot of sites do not have high conversions is that the site visitors do not have any guide or any call to action that will make them take the necessary actions.

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Remember to choose a highlighting color and ensure it is positioned at the right place in the visual pattern.

7. Pay Attention to Content

Data shows that 75% of internet users form their opinion of a website based on its aesthetics. This is why you should pay attention to content. 

Content, in this case, doesn’t just refer to only the texts on your websites, rather it encompasses the videos, graphics, and pictures on the website. Having great content guarantees an increase in conversions if all other factors remain the same.

If you cannot the text content by yourself, you can hire a good copywriter to do all the writing for you. Ensure that you use high-quality texts, make use of quality visuals, use a lot of whitespaces, and make your offers interesting and unique.


One of the major reasons a lot of businesses own a website is to generate leads that will turn into sales. But there can be no sales without conversions. So for you to reap the benefits of owning a website, practice all the 7 tips examined in this article and you will notice a tremendous change in your site’s conversion rate.

Contribution by Harleen Rachael

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