5 Ways to Improve Your Blog’s Design

Do you have a blog and want to improve its brand look? Read the post and discover five ways to enhance your blog’s design and attract a lot of leads from the Internet.

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Doubtless, the content on a blog is extremely valuable. However, if the blog’s design is unattractive, users will leave the website in the first three seconds. Check out the top five tips to improve your blog’s design below and attract more leads.

Pick Right Color Scheme

For starters, you need to pay close attention to your blog’s color scheme. If there are a red background and yellow font on your site, it the sign of awful website design. All colors on your blog should be picked thoroughly. There are a lot of color schemes generators on the Internet. The Coolors.co generator provides the ability to create a great palette of colors for your site in one click. Hit the Generate button to get a well-thought-out set of colors for your site. If you don’t like the offered color scheme, repeat.

Take Care of Graphics

One of the essential elements of a blog is graphics. If you want to engage users and attract more readers, you need to use high-quality and relevant images. Try to avoid using crappy stock pictures if you don’t want to lose users.  Also, you need to create standards for graphics on your blog and follow them strictly. For instance, if the standard size of images on your site is 1900 x 1200 px, you need to update other images. Keep the same ratio and dimension to provide a good impression on your readers.

Improve Readability

Since users have to read blog posts, you need to do your best to improve your site’s readability. Take a look at typography, play with the font size, color, spacing to achieve the best results. Try to use a dark font on a light background to improve the readability of your blog. Also, you can enhance your blog by highlighting links and using catching headings that attract the attention of readers. Also, don’t forget that your blog posts should be top-quality without any grammar mistakes.

Enable Sticky Navigation

One of the best ways to improve your blog’s design and enhance user experience is to add sticky navigation. In other words, you need to pin the main navigation bar in your blog to the top edge. It will avoid the need to scroll the entire post backward to navigate to another topic.  Also, you can add sticky sidebars with related topics and promoted posts to monetize your blog. Don’t forget to make sure that sticky elements don’t overlay the primary content on screens with different screen resolutions. 

Make it Mobile-Friendly

It’s not a secret that most users use mobile devices to surf the Internet these days. It’s easy to grab a smartphone and find an answer. Due to the growing popularity of mobile content, Google prioritizes websites that look great on mobile devices. If you want to improve your website’s search results, make your blog mobile-friendly. Feel free to use the Mobile-Friendly Test by Google to examine if your website cell-phone compatible.

Helpful Tip for Bloggers

Never compromise on quality, building your blog. Take a close look at any stage, either it’s a color scheme selection or social media icon designing. Accomplish every step as perfectly as possible, and soon you’ll get the #1 website in the niche. If you publish a few posts in a day, revise each of them thoroughly. In case you’re short in time, you can hire an expert who will proofread your posts for you. However, check an online service wisely, because, according to the unemployed professors review by John Milovich, not all of them provide top-notch service. 

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