4 Services That Web Designers Can Offer Clients

If you’re a web designer, you might find that you can make a pretty good living. You can learn how to do web design by taking courses, or you can teach yourself these skills. Once you have the skill set to do web design, you can advertise your services and get clients.

You might work exclusively for one company. If so, they may offer you medical benefits and other perks in addition to a competitive salary. You might also work as a freelancer, which is nice because you can often work from home and make your own hours. As a web designer, you might choose to offer some additional services to your clients. You can do web design for them, but then you may also provide some extra add-ons if the client will pay you for them.

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We’ll talk about some other services web designers might offer clients in the following article.

A Brand Refresh

Businesses should do brand refreshes every 7-10 years. When you do a brand refresh, you usually reimagine your company’s website. You’ll likely update all of the content there. You might get rid of your old logo and create a new one, and you may come up with a new company slogan as well.

A brand refresh doesn’t usually completely change your company and what you represent. Instead, it updates it so you keep the elements that your clients will recognize, but you add some new ones that you feel can help you stay modern and relevant.

You can hire a company to do a brand refresh for you. Its team might look at your company and the niche in which you operate. They’ll do an exhaustive study of the market in which you compete and then make suggestions for how you can improve your company’s footing and bring in some new business.

Often, though, web designers have these same skills, and they can do the same research into a company using similar analytics tools. If you have web design skills, a company might hire you to work on their website, but then they’ll pay you for a brand refresh as well. You might come up with suggestions regarding how they can make their brand seem more relevant in the current market.

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Then, the company will accept or reject your suggestions. If they accept some of them, you can next make the changes that you recommended and charge the company an appropriate fee for that.


If you have English skills as well as web design talents, you might help design a company’s website, and then you can write some or all of their copy as well. Every company with a business website needs a talented copywriter. They might have a permanent one on staff, or else they can hire a freelancer or freelancer team to do the job.

Sometimes, you’ll have a company owner or operator who feels like they have the skills and the time to write a website’s copy. However, even if they have the required skill set, they often have other tasks to occupy their time. For instance, they might have to secure funding for the company by approaching banks or credit unions for loans.

Instead, they’ll want to hire a copywriter, and it makes a company’s job a lot easier if their business website designer can also write the copy that will appear there. That way, the company will pay you for two positions, and you can enjoy having two salaries.


A company might hire a web designer to do SEO for them as well. Often, web designers know about SEO and how to implement it to get a site to rank highly in the SERPs. SERPs stands for search engine ranking position, and that’s fundamental SEO.

A web designer might have the necessary tools to look at competing websites within that client’s niche to see how well they stack up. That designer can change or add copy to the site so that it will rank at the top of the Google results for any relevant keywords or keyword phrases.

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Like copywriting, if you do this for a client, they can pay you for it along with paying you for creating and launching the site. You’re pulling double duty, and the company should reward you accordingly.

Blog Writing

Maybe you designed a website for a company, and now that site does well in the SERPs. The client likes the website traffic you’re generating with the work you did, but they still want to attract some more cold leads. You can do things for them like add inbound and outbound links to the site and other SEO elements that will get that website the right kind of attention. However, you might also have a client who wants you to add a blog to the site as well.

Adding a blog to a company’s website can often help that business in new and unexpected ways. On a blog, a company can write about industry-specific topics that interest its customers. They can also demonstrate their expertise regarding the niche in which they operate by writing about things authoritatively. Maybe you create a website for a company, though, and they don’t want to bother hiring a copywriter to produce blogs every week or every month. If you have the requisite skills to write those blogs, the company might hire you to do that.

They can suggest topics for you to write about, and you can write those articles and put up a new one every few days or however often the client wants them. You can also generate topic ideas yourself if you demonstrate that you can come up with relevant ones that will create more traffic. Some individuals who visit the site to read the blogs you write might stay and convert by buying the company’s products or using their services. Once again, you’re demonstrating your value as both a web designer and content creator.

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