Enterprises very well-know that Java and its related technologies are in huge demand. Whether it is a business app, educational app, or an entertainment app, everything can be developed with this innovative technology.

Experts consider it as the best programming language since its inception. When we compare its features with other programming languages, the result is in the favor of Java as it stands unique with its great compatibility, scalability, and security. As per the Oracle, it is the most preferred platform for enterprises based applications.

Most web development companies implement Java for their application development job. It is highly important for the enterprises to provide some unique stuff to the end-users as it is the need of the business these days. Every Java version is released with the latest features important for web development.

The following are the reasons behind Java popularity:

1. Scalability

Java is the perfect programming language for doing web development work. The main reason behind its scalability is the presence of the components in large numbers. If you plan to scale up the web application functionality in a horizontal or vertical manner, this language has a list of amazing features to meet customer needs. This actually means that without doing any complex coding, the performance of the web application can be improved.

2. Cross-Platform

It has reduced the long lines of coding and web application developers can use a single code across multiple platforms. There is no need to write separate code for a new platform as it has a portability feature. This feature helps in saving a lot of time for the developers. Java is a cross-platform based programming language that is proficient to work on multiple platforms using Java Virtual Machine.

3. Memory Management

A little technical knowledge is needed to understand memory management in other programming language but with Java, it is a simple approach to do. In Java language, the objects are known as ‘heap’. A heap is developed once an application starts running and it can customize itself as per need. When the amount of heap increases, it is considered the garbage and cleared. The objects that are useless are automatically cleaned to build space for new objects.

4. Multi-Threading

The best part of the Java Web application is user management. The language has the feature to create different threads for multiple users instead of creating a different copy of programming.

  • Reduce Errors: Multi-threaded servers can respond to multiple users no matter the duration of the process, while single-threaded servers can’t respond to the multiple users.
  • Fast Response: User requests are addressed in a few seconds, even when the application is run simultaneously by multiple users.
  • Multiple Operations: More than one operation can be processed at a single moment and your web application does not experience any trouble with this step.
  • Advanced Performance: The application performance will be improved because of the optimal usage of cache and CPU resources. The application work in a stable manner and error-free.

5. Secure

Security is another reason behind developers and enterprises choosing Java for web application development work. Java has a wide-collection of inbuilt security elements including advanced authentication, cryptography and access control which makes it highly important for web development. Implementing these important security features, a developer can build an application having secure login mechanisms, ciphers, digital signatures, custom security policy and many more.

6. Economical

Last but not least, Java is economical. Even a small business or a startup can take full benefit of this language and build amazing mobile-based and web-based applications. This is the reason this platform is known worldwide. Even being economical, it is difficult for business enterprises to hire java developers within their budget.

7. Community Support

Timely support is very important and Java language has a big community to support. These community members, support and share their views with each other. The contributor’s available help beginners and even the developers. Freelancers also contribute to the community as a developer or tester. They interact through online forums, groups and web seminars. 

Final Thoughts:

We have just mentioned about the major benefits of selecting Java programming for web application development. It is scalable and Java is far superior to the other programming languages. This “top language” shows no signs of decline, when it has a huge community. Every time a version is released it gets better.

Several other technologies have emerged as its competitor for the application development, but still, it is going strong at the moment. If you are planning for web application development, it is the perfect choice to start with. If you still have any confusion about its benefits for your business application, simply hire a Java developer today and see the difference in your app performance.