Top 15 Resume Templates for Your Employment

When it comes to CV, you have to remember the rule of 10 seconds. According to this rule, you have 10 seconds to impress HR or your employer. This is the average time they spend on your resume. After this time your employment chances will decrease dramatically. And you have to avoid this. You need a well-developed resume.

Compact, well designed and informative. You can create such a resume with our resume templates. Professional designers developed them according to all resume rules.

We have various CVs in our marketplace. You can find creative CVs with an accent on your skills. Or you can choose more formal CVs developed to highlight your education and personal data. Most of them are multipurpose, yet some are more suitable for governmental facilities and other fit designer companies. You can check among many to find the most suitable option for you. Moreover, in case you want to decorate or change your resume you can do it with a simple visual editor.

Gariel Masarena – Resume Template

If you need something vintage and creative then you should check this resume template. Developed by top-notch designers this product provides you with a template for any type of CV. It has an attractive color scheme and due to a well-developed structure will be easy to read. It has a chessboard structure. Just check the product page and you will see that it is compact and informative. You can fill it with contacts and present your social media pages, phone number, email, website and so on.

Gariel Maserene will be a perfect resume template for:

  • Designer
  • Soft developer
  • Artist
  • Model
  • And many other professions.

Of course, this theme is multipurpose. And due to a great structure will be a great choice for many places of employment. Especially if you try to play with the design to make it more suitable for your case. You can change any part of this template or decorate it.

Minimal White Brenner Resume Template

If you are employing to some corporation or a company with strict rules and ethics then it will be a good idea to create a minimalistic CV without redundant elements. In order to provide you with such a product, we developed a Minimal White Brenner Resume Template. It is a valuable presentation tool designed in a minimalistic style. It is informative and well-designed. Due to the lack of redundant elements, you can show your employer that you know what corporative ethic is and you are ready to work in these conditions. Moreover, you can edit this template to decorate it and make it even more suitable for your place of employment. It is not expensive and will be a great option in case you want to save time and money.

Developers used free fonts to create a Minimal White Brenner Resume Template. They also included an EPS, PSD & MS WORD files to make this template user-friendly.

Robert Anthoni Clean Resume Template

Robert Anthoni is one of the cleanest resume CVs you can find on our marketplace. It is strict and neutral. It will be perfect in case you want to create a solid CV for an important place of employment. It will be great for government facilities, law firms, and managers. Yet, due to clean design, this theme is multipurpose and can be used for various purposes. Designers made it in A4 size and US Letter size. Due to this feature, Robert Anthoni is print-ready. It includes 30+ Icons Pack and you can use them to play with design and create a perfect CV. It can be easily edited with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. It is simple, informative and creates an atmosphere of trust. You check it yourself on a product page.

Albart Robat Resume Template

Sometimes people misunderstand the purpose of a resume. They stuff CV with different irrelevant information and bright color schemes. If you want to avoid these mistakes and provide an employer with all necessary data in a strictly and compactly then you need an Albart Robart resume template. Designers made Albart in clear style and divided resume into bullets. You can present information about your data, contacts, education, skills and many other topics. It has an eye-catchy header that can highlight your CV. Yet, your CV needs some visuals to look more appealing and save some space. This is why we added a few images to define your interests. Such elements are a great decoration for any CV. And you can add even more elements or remove them with Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. It is easy. Also, Albart Robart comes in A4 printable size.

Resume/CV-Paul Hoffman Resume Template

A stylish resume can make your chances for employment better. Especially if your employer cares about design and creativity. You can use this feature to show that you care about appearance and impress your future boss. In case you do not have time to create a CV from ashes, we recommend you to check this Paul Hoffman template. Developed by professionals it is eye-catching, well-structured and easy to read. Moreover, this template comes at a highly affordable price. And since time is money, you will save a lot after purchasing this product. It has many topics for valid information about you and your professional competence. You can tell about your working experience, professional skills, education level, awards and so on. In order to create a better impression, you can use this resume to present your previous projects. You can also check the product page on our marketplace to find out more about included features.

Johnson Graphic Designer Resume Template

It is a good idea to provide an employer with information in a compact way. It can save some time and creates a good impression according to the rule of ten seconds. Yet there are various types of CV style. And if you want to create something bright and strict then you must check our marketplace. There are many templates and you can find something perfect. Like this creative and attractive Johnson Graphic Design resume template. As the name implies, our designers developed this CV template for graphic designers. It is simple, yet well-designed and due to color scheme creates an impression of the skilled design. It also has eye-catchy icons. They will be valuable elements and you can use them to decorate your CV. In addition, this resume template includes a second page for a cover letter. It comes with detailed instructions on how to maintain this template to create a perfect resume.

Benjamin Thompson – Multipurpose Elegant Resume Template

Need an attractive resume made in modern design? Then you found it. Benjamin Thomson is a perfect choice for you. It suits numerous types of CV and allows you to present all the necessary data. Designers made it in an attractive color scheme. Due to this scheme, your resume looks divided into two parts and highlights information. And if you want to change this design you can do it with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. You can also change the structure and content of your resume. Developers made it print-ready due to A4 size. It is a useful feature that can save time for you. All used fonts are free.

Developers used:

  • Archivo Narrow
  • Open Sans
  • And Julius Sans One fonts.

And if you care about decoration then you will like the number of included Google Material icons. You can use this template for multiple purposes. It suits the designer, restaurant manager, software developer, and many other professions.

Nicolas Dumas Resume Template

If you want to purchase a good theme for your CV then you have to pay attention to this Resume template. It was developed to present your skills and create an atmosphere of trust. You can edit it to make it suitable for your new place of employment. You can change any part of resume structure or decorate design with new elements. It will be a great choice for models, designers, artists, and photographers. Yet, you can adjust it to any other purpose. It will be a great option for multiple professions. You can tell your employer about your skills, working experience, and personal data. Designers also created a structure suitable for various purposes. The Paragraph & Character style is another Nicolas Dumas feature. Keep in mind that with such style you can make an accent on the most valuable information and it may be a big advantage.

Creative Resume Template

Sometimes it may be hard to find a resume template with creative design. And, as the name of this template implies, it was designed to be creative. You can go to the product page and check the design by yourself. It was developed in soft color tones to be attractive. Moreover, such a color scheme is a great idea to highlight your CV. At the same time, this template was developed according to all rules of CV development. It is clean enough to make an accent on the most important data. It also includes many bullets and paragraphs. You can use them to sort information and present it in the best possible way. It is four pages resume template and due to this feature, you can describe all necessary information. Including Cover letter and Reference Page. It is print-ready and all you have to do is to add your data.

Amity Peter – CV Resume Template

You can think that Amity Peter is another clean CV template. Yet, it wouldn’t be in our list if it had no original content. Yet its structure differs from other resumes and was developed to make an accent on your experience and education. It becomes a valuable feature if you are ready to tell a lot about these topics. And due to the clean design made in a modern style, you can be sure that the employer mentions the text first. It allows you to present information about yourself most effectively. This template also has 2 color options. Yet, if you want to add new elements or change the design you can do it with any Adobe Reader or MS Word. For this purpose developers included 4 Docx Files and 4 PDF Files (2 CV + 2 Resume both). It is print-ready and includes free fonts. Moreover, the developer provides you with support in case you have questions.

Mike Daniels – Engineering Manager Resume Template

TemplateMonster has many options to make your life easier. And MotoCMS is one of them. With MotoCMS you can create your CV based on Mike Daniels Resume Template. You can choose a resume with or without a photo. Or you can include a QR code to make your resume even more solid. In addition, a QR code can save some space and provide your employer with fast access to links and data. After you purchase this theme, you will get 2 business cards as a bonus. Like any other resume on TemplateMonster, it will be easy to edit and customize. Moreover, this theme comes with PDF, EPS, PSD, and AI files. Developers made so in order to provide you with a choice among visual editors. All included fonts are free. And due to the A4 size of the template, Mike Daniels will be print-ready resume.

Markin William Minimal Resume Template

Markin William is eye-catchy resume template. Designers made it in minimalistic style to highlight included content. Yet, it has elements able to highlight your CV. The title list included in this template is a top-notch idea. It looks great and creates the impression of a brand new book. This title list is minimalistic and you can use it to inform your employer about who you are. Another page can tell your contacts, skills, education, work experience, award and other data you believe is important. Developers also made a page for cover letter. This template includes 18 files. They come in AI, EPS, PSD, DOCX formats. Due to this feature, you can choose which visual editor suits you better. Yet, we recommend you to use MS Word and Adobe visual editors. It also includes a support file. And due to the original logo, your resume will be even more notable.

Anderson Resume Template

It may be a hard mission for any designer to combine minimalistic resume style and modern design. But guess who made it? Correct, we did. We developed Anderson Resume template. It is suitable for all professions and you can apply for a marketing manager, software developer or even designer position. Just fill this template with your data and you are good to go. Developers made an accent on your contacts and personal information. It was made to decorate your resume, yet it is also a great chance to tell more about yourself. Just choose the words properly. With this template, you can also describe your education, skills, and experience. It also has a second page developed especially for cover letters. It is fully editable and comes in .EPS and .DOCX files. Designers used CMYK colors for the development of this template. Due to this feature, you can print resume without loss of color.

Camila Hintz Resume Template

Camila Hintz is a very special resume template. Developed by professionals it looks elegant and creative at the same time. This template will be a great option if you want to present data in a calm and well-structured manner. You can check the design and description on a product page. Developers separated data with columns and paragraphs style. Due to this style, your resume will be easy to read and understand. You can also edit CV made with Camila Hintz. For this purpose developers included a DOCX, PSD, and EPS format files. It includes 3 files per each format. It is also PC and MAC compatible. Developers included free fonts and you can use them to edit your CV. Camila Hintz is fully editable and you can download it in A4 format. So download this template and impress your new employer.

Kevin Williams – Resume Template

Our designers made this them to provide you with something special. They developed Kevin Willams resume template with modern style and attractive color scheme. Moreover, due to its design, this CV template highlights all your data. It is attractive and easy to read product. You can tell about your working experience, skills, education, and personal information. It is simple, yet eye-catching. And you can use it for any employment. It suits both the web developer and marketing manager. All you have to do is to fill it with your data and you are good to go. The template includes a CV page, a cover letter page and a folder with fee fonts. CV page and cover letter page come in .DOCX, .EPS and .PSD formats. And it allows you to use MS Word or Adobe Photoshop to edit this template. It also has a support file and fully vectored re-sizable elements.


In this top of resume templates, we gathered the best products for your CV. They all were developed by professionals and according to all rules of resume development. They include all valuable topics and structure elements. With these templates, you can tell the employer all the necessary information. Moreover, due to a professionally developed structure, you can highlight some information. It is also an important feature. All templates are fully editable and you need no special skills to change or decorate them. And most importantly they all follow the rule of ten seconds. Your employer will be impressed with a top-notch resume.

So check this list of TOP 15 Resume Templates and go to the product page and purchase your perfect tool for any employment. And do not forget that our support team is ready to help you in case you have some questions.

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