Tips to Create a Website That Will Wow Your Clients

Just like clothes, your website design plays a very big role in how people perceive you. You must create a good impression to your visitors every time they enter your website. Shady looking websites are suspicious and look like scams even when they are truly legit. Visitors will click away and this will increase the bounce rate which lowers your site’s ranking.

To avoid this, there are various Website Design strategies that you can implement to help make your website look stunning in every aspect. One of them is using the right color that represents your brand among other things that I will discuss in this article. You are welcomed to read through for tips to create a great website design that will wow your visitors and leave them talking about it.

1. Only add necessary elements that add value to your site

One area that web designers fail in is including too many items in their homepage that are not necessary. They do this thinking that it will look visually appealing, which is not a bad thing but if you are not careful, you may end up getting caught up adding many elements that could destruct the web visitor.

Too many elements clutter your web pages making them overwhelmingly confusing especially if they don’t serve any purpose. Every item displayed on your homepage should serve a purpose and this should help you choose whether to include certain items or not. For example, adding a call to action button that doesn’t lead to any new page. The reader will be frustrated clicking that button over and over again.

2. Design for the user first

Your users should be the center of attention every time you create a website page. Web designs should be intuitive, informative and engaging. No one wants a website that doesn’t make sense, therefore creating a website that maximizes user experience, while providing vital information about your business.

Some of the elements that you should concentrate on while designing your website include design format, navigation, and visuals. User-friendly websites help the visitor find the information they are looking for first and easy and this will keep them coming back for more. This will lead to increased web traffic and ranking. 

3. Choosing colors that align with your brand

This is another part that many webmasters get wrong. They think that just because the color is bright, it is suitable for their website which is not the case at all. Bright colors are attractive and welcoming, however, if they don’t have relevance to your brand it is not advisable to include them. Color also matters on the visitor’s perception of your brand. Colors also have different meanings. For example, you can’t be selling baby stuff like toys or clothing and use black as your brand color. The same applies if you are offering funeral services and you use bright colors like pink and light blue. If your brand has a color already, it is good to incorporate it or then in your designs. Make sure that you use the same color all the time for brand consistency.

Another thing about color is that they are best kept simple with about two to four colors used in your brand. These colors should consist of the main color, one or two accent colors, and font color. Each web page created should consistently have these colors to help you establish your identity. All the areas of the web page should also maintain their consistency. For instance, all CTA buttons or titles should have the same colors throughout. Consistency also helps in user experience.

4. Use visuals to make your website stunning

A visitor is always excited accessing a website so doesn’t burst their bubbles by failing to incorporate visuals that create curiosity. A block of text is boring and visitors will easily lose interest and click away for lack of inspiration from visuals. Visuals break the text monotony, making your website attractive and engaging. Visual elements include things like infographics, videos, and images. Many online businesses online find it easy to use videos and photos as they are easy to produce and insert in your web content. You can use videos for tutorials or testimonials to make them more engaging.

Images also stick in the mind longer than words or texts. You should only use visuals that have relevance to your web content. Don’t just add photos or images for the sake of it as this will make you look unprofessional. They should reflect your business or industry. Include photos of your team in an event, offered products, or your offices. You can also include photos of your employees as they perform their daily duties. Use original photos as many stock photos will make look plastic or face leading to mistrust from your visitors.

5. Choose the right font

Stunning and beautiful websites don’t only focus on visuals and color but also text. Texts also play a huge role in making your website design appealing and professional. Content is only as good as their presentation, therefore as you create your content ensure that you employ the best possible texts that represent your business. This helps in your delivery and user experience.

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If your fonts are competing with each other or are not easy to read, it affects the user experience and makes your content less engaging. Make all the elements on your website easy to see and read. Don mix fonts in a paragraph or use too many font colors.


Don’t chase your visitors by having badly designed websites. You should also know that visitor’s attention span keeps refusing with so many websites being created every day. Proper colors and visuals make your site look trustworthy and reliable.

Your web items should also be few and simple with purpose. Following these tips as you create your website will make your visitors always coming back for more. You should also put these elements where they can be accessed easily, to make your website intuitive. Look for the best web design services for the best results. 

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