Money in Packaging: How it Will Poping Up the Sales

It is a big challenge to create a unique position in the market or to stand out from the crowd. If you want to create a good market for your product, you need to pay attention to each and every aspect of your product like how it looks and where it needs to be placed. You should ensure that your product has a target market and it is easily accessible to those who need your product.

You all know about the marketing concept of 4Ps – price, place, promotion, and product. Place means the product should be available easily to the target market. The promotion aims at creating awareness of your product. Price means fixing a competitive price for your product so that demand for it increases.

Finally, the fourth P stands for a product that includes all features like size, manufacturing, and packaging, etc. The packaging is necessary as it is a part of the fourth P of marketing. The packaging of the product plays a great role as one-third of the decision to buy the product is influenced by the package of the product.

How Packaging Can Drive Sales of the Product?

The research says that attractive packaging created a 30% increase in the interest of the consumer. Apart from that, you will see that attractive packaging may persuade the consumer to share it with their friends and family, in addition, to purchase for themselves. You can also share your brand on social media which is an important tool as it will reach many people. A single post can reach many people on social media and attract many customers if its packaging is good.

It may persuade new customers to try your product and as a result, the sale will increase. Your product will be memorable if it has attractive packaging. On average, a consumer takes 7 seconds to observe a product. That 7 seconds should be countable. Packaging will make easier for a consumer to find the product if it is attractive and create a memory in the customer’s mind. The remarkable logo printed on packaging can also change the purchasing decision of the consumer.

What Next After Brand Awareness?

Packaging can do miracles to a product. It is one of the marketing elements to create brand awareness. After creating brand awareness, the next step is creating loyalty. A brand that has created a place in the customer’s heart is capable enough to build long relations with the customers. The positive brand equity must be combined with packaging and logo to build strong relations with customers. You need to think out of the box to ensure that loyalty is created and customer is persuaded to repurchase your product.

There are a lot more things you can do to your product to make it attractive and beat the competitors. There is a strong connection between sales and packaging of the product. The product with unique packaging will be sold more and will capture the market easily. A blind test was taken where customers were given Pepsi and coca cola. The customers selected Pepsi but when the product was actually handed over to them, they shifted to coca cola. It was a Pepsi Paradox. Sometimes customers choose the product with their emotions as you saw in this blind test. It is always better to pack the product in a way that it creates space in the hearts of customers.

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