How Modern Technologies are Remodeling Customers Shopping Habits

We have seen a tremendous change in the buying pattern of the customers with the advent of technology. With a 24/hours shopping facility and flexibility in the payment methods, customers are drawn towards online shopping.

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Currently, the majority of people are totally loving the idea of online shopping than five years ago. The retail sales in the current times are reaching new heights due to insane advertisements done on social media sites. Don’t you feel fascinated by the models wearing gorgeous attire? Yes! It is a universal temptation, as we all are a substantial part of this advertisement circle.

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Modern buyers and their needs are fluctuating with changing technology trends and solutions. So, even retailers must adopt tactics that perform as per the increasing demand of the customers. If you think your retail shop will survive without an online presence in the existing time, buddy, you need to know more about the mindset of modern buyers right away! Let’s dig deeper into knowing how technologies have drastically change the shopping affairs of buyers.

Technology = Convenience

Why spend lots of time in finding suitable clothes that you can find at the tip of your finger? You can browse various products of your choice and can add them to the cart, checkout in no time, and get them delivered while watching your favorite show on Netflix. Modern life is so simple, thanks to modern technology!

If you already have an eCommerce app on your phone, you just have to add your address once and you will not have to mention the information again. Whenever you want to buy something, you can simply do it with the help of the app.

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When it comes to buying clothes, size, color, length, and material are well mentioned below the photo of the product, enabling wonderful user experience! If you are a modern retailer, you must find a way to connect with the needs of the customer at the right time, right place, and the right price.

One of the most crucial factors that attracted the consumer for purchasing online is the availability of the options. You do not have one option, there are plenty of options available as per your unique choices and price selection. You can fill the filters of the price, material, color, and type for getting the desired classification of the products on your screen. Seems easy? Trust us; It is more than easy!!

The availability of the product is not the only concern; delivery and after services must also be seamless. The eCommerce companies must include the chatbots which remove further miscommunications. This automation service toils to enhance the customer’s shopping experience like never before!

It may happen that the clothes you have purchased, do not fit you and you want to replace it with another product. What if you do not get the facility to replace it? You will uninstall the application like forever or maybe switch to something more practical! The online retailers must pay attention to the product return policies. If your product replacement policy would be flexible, people will trust the company and would not hesitate to buy products again.

Flawless Payment Method

The customer is the king of the market, so everything in the industry happens for the betterment of the customers. The flexibility in terms of the payment method plays an important role in retaining buyers. Due to various options to pay for the product, there is a tremendous shift seen in the choice of the eCommerce platform adopted by the customers.

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Before two years, people mostly opted for debit and credit cards. The situation is completely different now, as there are e-wallet payment options like Paytym, Google pay, and many more. Also, buy now and pay later platforms has given new dimensions to the buying pattern.

Magic of Artificial Intelligence

You have felt the presence of artificial intelligence in all the websites that you are browsing in your day-to-day life. As the choices and preferences of the people are ever-changing, companies need steadfast information about the current buying mood of the customer. If once the choice and patterns of the customers are known, only those products are displayed which can sale quickly.

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The entertainment giant company Netflix is also following this pattern to reduce the efforts of searching in the app. From the perspective of the CMO, using AI helps to collect mountains of data about the customer and use it for attracting them.

Social Media Lifting eCommerce

Social media and eCommerce are like your favorite burger and fries combo- you will never enjoy the taste by buying a burger without fries or vise-Versa. If you are a social media mice, you might have noticed that there are daily recommendations of certain brands. Also, certain pages are recommended to you. Why? Because they want you to buy either products or services. 

Companies have understood the buying pattern of the customers. For example; if a person is searching for handbags, there will be continuous advertisements of those products on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. That is why it is also called influential marketing.

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Social commerce is turning the table for eCommerce shopping. Instagram is currently the best example of a Social commerce application, where you can buy the product without leaving the app.


If you have an eCommerce business, make sure you grab the attention of the customer quickly as you just have 5 to 8 seconds when customers decide to leave or stay on the website. The customer does not want any inconvenience, whether it is about paying more or late delivery.

Also, the website structure must be created in such a way that customers do not find difficulty in functioning the app. Many apps will come and go, but people will always use the app, which is easy to use. We agree that it is difficult to keep the customers satisfied when they have plenty of options in a single palm. But, with AI and digital marketing, you can flourish your business by leaps and bounds.

We hope this write-up will assist you in knowing the current mood of the customer and enhance their shopping experience.

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