How Can a Student Start Earning Money with Good Web Design Skills?

A side hustle is highly accredited, especially so if you’re a student for the simple fact that you have some free time at hand, and what can be a better use of this using your skills and making some extra pocket money from it too?

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Designing is one such domain that can help you land small projects and clients and gradually move towards growth as you complete your education alongside. The article serves as a guide to navigating your way as a web designer.

Start with Creating a Portfolio

An essential step to creating an individual financial stream, a portfolio of your designs and work acts as a reckoner that helps look for prospective clients. This will help them gauge your work, skills, and the possibility of collaborations with you based on your design skills.

This individual portfolio is what helps you land projects and discuss the roles and responsibilities that you may have to undertake as a designer. Based on your experience and previous gigs, it also helps land an agreed remuneration for the services.

Market the Designs That Went Unused

As a web designer, you may have many unused design files that you may have created for your school/college project or the unused ones from older projects. A great way to earn some fast bucks is to create stock images and files and put them out for sale. With websites taking the forefront in communication in today’s technology-dominated world, there are great chances that you will come across interested buyers.

Focus on Skills

Identification of strengths and weaknesses is an essential step to initiate a good start to your professional career. Spend your time working on your skills and upgrade them by learning new software and design tactics.

Approach taking assistance for projects that you may not be able to complete individually or land you thinking that you must ‘hire someone to write my paper.’

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As you move ahead in your education as a student at college, you will need to prepare lengthy and detailed essays that require time to research and study, look for the best paper writing service that excels in providing quality work through these assignments.

Look for New Gigs as a Freelancer

Freelancing is an independent choice where you get to decide the project you would work on and decide the charges based on your efforts as well. The flexibility that comes with freelancing is highly beneficial to students, as you can choose to do so part-time or full-time, depending on your schedule.

Start by uploading your profile and work samples on online platforms dedicated to freelancers and potential clients. Spend time to look for suitable projects that help you enhance the skills and further make good money to support your needs.

Initiate a Design Blog

Blogging is approachable and with the low barriers to entry given the extensive web platform, use your design skills to create an individual blog. Display your designs, write about the software you use, the design approach, individual experience about your gigs.

This is your platform where returns could be slow but can set you on the right path for growth and especially so if you’re aspiring to make design a full-time career in the future. Additionally, brand engagements and campaigns can help you land more money and act as an incentive to continue contributing time and efforts to blogging.

Work with d Design Agency

Students do have the luxury of time and if you are focused on making good money while being creative, then use your summer and autumn breaks to spend working with a design agency.

A fixed salary will resolve your monetary needs and help with complete exposure to the real world of designing. In this process, you will learn aspects like client servicing and retention that will go a long way, giving you an edge over your career as you begin once you’ve met your educational needs.


Ideas are just like the tip of an iceberg until you start working towards turning them into reality. Take the time required to build your skills, try permutations and combinations that help land fruitful and substantial projects. Start by learning about the web design resources available as theoretical knowledge holds great importance once you begin a full-time career as a designer for any domain you select.


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