Famous Round Logos and Meanings

Because of its earth and sun-like shape, it is also associated with the planet and nature. The circle can be used as a monogram or as a shape that houses the entire round logos. This article will tell you all about it. Make a circular logo in the Turbologo generator.

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The circle is considered one of the most popular shapes used in logo design. A circular logo signifies important elements such as:

  • unity;
  • stability;
  • integrity.

What Is a Logo?

A logo is a unique graphic mark that is part of the visual identity of a particular business or organization. The most important task of a logo is to differentiate a company from its competitors. Through its original design and choice of appropriate colors, it should arouse desired emotions. It is important that the logo immediately tells the customer what exactly your company does.


Starbucks is a very recognizable brand with a mermaid as the main figure. The siren is used separately from the company name. The circle-shaped logo is placed on items such as:

  • coffee cups;
  • bags;
  • signs;
  • many others.

When you’re just starting in business, it’s hard to achieve brand identity without the text in your logo. But since Starbucks has been around for years, its brand name can be used on its own. Having just the symbol increases the strength of the logo for scalability, readability, and functionality.


In 2013, Nivea launched a new logo: white lettering in a dark blue circle, reminiscent of classic cans of body lotion. Compared to the old version of the rectangular logo, the circle logo has a modern appeal and became instantly recognizable.

Most Nivea products have rounded shapes. For example, the bottle cap. When the company rebranded the brand as a circle, it fit the products perfectly. When you look at Nivea products, you get the impression that the packaging and logo were created as one. This keeps the personality of the brand intact. When you see the dark blue circle, you think of Nivea.


When Pinterest upgraded to a sans serif font in 2017, the “P” icon remained the same – a red logo in a circle. The “P” looks attractive and slightly imperfect, and the bottom of the letter pushes through the bottom of the circle.

Over the years, Pinterest has developed a strong brand identity and the “P” monogram has become recognizable in its own right. The company rebranded using a more modern, sans serif font for its brand, but retained its famous, red badge.


BMW has one of the most recognizable and iconic logos in the world, with a design that has remained virtually unchanged since 1917. The logo has a blue and white design that was inspired by the Bavarian flag. BMW is a great example of turning a monogram into a circle shape.

BMW has maintained its brand name for over 100 years. Because it follows basic design principles: contrast, hierarchy, legibility, and scalability. You can clearly distinguish each element from the other. The monogram is a bold, sans serif font. The text remains legible when the picture is scaled down. A very important thing to think about when creating it.


Versace is a mysterious and memorable sign, designed by a famous fashion designer back in 1978. The famous logo became an adornment of any of his collections. The Medusa Gorgon’s head, arranged in a circle on his logo, has become the hallmark of this fashion house.

The designer himself, talking about the reasons for such a strange choice of logo, said that the logo Versace is a symbol of fatal charm and beauty, capable of mesmerizing and paralyzing any person. And we should say that Maestro Versace reached his goal – his logo is known worldwide. It has become a symbol of excellent taste, exquisite style, and luxury.

Chupa Chups

If you think that children know nothing about the logos of famous brands, you’re wrong. A prime example of this is the company Chupa Chups. Almost every child anywhere in the world is familiar with these products.

The creator of this world-famous logo is none other than Salvador Dali, it was he who created the logo for the world-famous candy on a stick. It is necessary to pay tribute to the company founders – they spared no expense and invited the already famous artist Salvador Dali to create the logo. It should be noted that their costs were compensated in full. The logo had such distinctive features as:

  • clarity;
  • simplicity;
  • interestingness;
  • clarity;
  • restraint.

According to the artist himself, the work took him no more than an hour. For the color scheme, he used Spanish flag colors, slightly rounded the letters, and placed them in a frame.


The logos of famous brands are often striking in their originality. Millions of people around the world have an idea of what the Apple logo looks like. And most of them know about the company’s founder Steve Jobs. Many people mistakenly believe that Steve invented the overbite apple, but that’s not true.

In the beginning, Apple had a different brand name. Steve didn’t like that option, as he had a penchant for minimalism and simplicity from a young age, for that reason the decision was made to change the logo.

It was a difficult task, which he assigned to Rob Janoff, the designer of the new Apple logo. In just a few weeks, Steve had several sketches of rainbow apples in his hands. Jobs chose the familiar variant, which, in his opinion, was more interesting and original.


Want to create a circular logo that perfectly reflects your business and unifies your brand? Then use a short name or monogram if your text is horizontal. Choose a strong font to ensure scalability and better use of negative space. If you want more of an icon look, think carefully about the elements you want to include in the circle.

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