5 Daily Life Cases of Using Background Remover

Have you ever had the experience: you took a photo, but the background was unsatisfactory, maybe there was a clutter of telephone poles or a stranger in the background. So you think about removing yourself from the photo and changing to a different background, but you spend hours in Photoshop without removing the background.

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Or do you painstakingly add a new background to yourself in Photoshop in order to make ID photos or social avatars, but still, find it difficult to identify the background?  Then it’s a good idea to read this article which will show you an online tool to remove background in 5 seconds. First, we will introduce its usage steps, and then introduce several usage scenarios to help you understand and utilize this feature. After reading, you can easily use background removal.

1. Background remover’s operational steps

Let us first explain the steps to using Fotor online background remover.

First, you need to open the background remover service page, select “Open Image”, upload your photo, and then the system will automatically remove the background for you, the whole process does not take more than 1 minute. Then you will see pictures with transparent backgrounds except for objects and people.

If at this point you find that a part of the background you want to keep has been deleted by the system, don’t panic. Click the “Reserve” button in the upper right corner, zoom in on your image, zoom out your brush, and paint carefully the parts you want to keep. Then go back to the removal interface. You’ll see a photo with a transparent background that you’re happy with.

Next, we can change the background.

First, we click “Change Background” in the upper right corner and choose a variety of colors you like to try until you find a color you like. Attempts are not limited to the system.

Of course, in addition to choosing solid colors, you can even upload background images that you have already prepared, such as gradient colors, beach scenery, and so on.

Here you have found that in less than 3 minutes, you have completely changed the background of the photo. With the background remover, is it very convenient for photo processing, right?

2. Produce social media avatars

Real photo social avatars create a very trustworthy impression. But an overly cluttered background can ruin your professionalism. How do you usually process your photos? Now maybe you need to change your photo background like those steps we mentioned above. After changing the background, you can also choose some lively or formal stickers and text to decorate your avatar. Photo frames are also a good option. It’s best to double-check your lighting. That’s the perfect head photo.

3. Commercial images

Whether it’s Amazon or other platforms, the commercial images you see are solid-colored backgrounds, or white backgrounds, in order not to produce chromatic aberration, but also to give people a clean visual effect.

So this means you need a transparent, white, or solid color background to decorate your product image. Even if you have white cloth, there’s no guarantee that the camera will give you a true white color — not yellow, or beige.

Like the steps above, we can remove the product image background and replace it with a white background.

And most of the background removal tools can remove photo backgrounds in batches, which is simply the gospel of those who own many product images.

4. Create transparent pictures

For artists, a white background is required for painting, and white background is also required for stickers. So the background remover can also batch remove the noise background of the paintings for them, thus saving their time and energy. Get them to devote more time to drawing and designing rather than background removal techniques. Background remover helps to download png format which is a favorite of painters.

5. Sign your name on the ebook

There are more and more online meetings. Business people may need to sign a contract immediately after participating in an online meeting. But all they touch are electronic contracts. That meant they had to leave handwriting on cold tablets and touch computers. Maybe they prefer the feel of handwriting.

Now, just handwrite a perfect font, take a photo and import it into the background remover, and a signature sticker in png format with a transparent background is born. Wherever you need to sign in the future, paste it where you want.

Sum up

Finally, we conclude that this article discusses 4 application scenarios and their specific operation steps of the background remover, which are all scenarios that will be involved in daily life. Now we know how good a background remover is for them and when we can take advantage of it.

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