Current Hot Trends of Motion Design in 2021

Trends come and go, and people’s tastes can change tremendously over one single year. A marketer’s job is to predict the next hot thing in the industry and show the public the exact advertising they will like this year. Nowadays, when you can use the most basic and simple video editor and create an absolutely breathtaking marketing video, you need to make it different. The best thing that any designer can use to make a truly unique piece is motion design. It definitely helps to spice up your regular, ordinary marketing videos and make them incredible.

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Motion Design in 2021: How to Make Your Video Trending?

In 2021 motion design is widely used in marketing, but not every type of it is still loved by the public. Today we will discuss some of the biggest trends in motion design in 2021 that will help you create a bomb marketing video and literally blow your customers’ minds. Let’s take a look at them.

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Morphing is one of the most interesting types of motion graphics that always looks cool in videos. In simple terms, morphing is a special effect in animation that shows a slow change from one image or shape to another, and it looks like a natural, cohesive shift. This effect demonstrated itself as one of the best practices for TV shows, educational videos, and social media clips. It looks really cool and, combined with an interesting script and narration, creates an amazing video.

Morphing is not that hard to do, and even using free video editors like WeVideo, Clipchamp, or Movavi, you can get very impressive clips using this special effect. This year, morphing will be one of the hottest motion graphic trends, so if you still don’t know how to do it, it is time to learn.

Mixing 2D and 3D

Combining 2D and 3D animation in one piece is not something new. Animated series like Futurama made this years ago, and in 2021, the perfect blend of 2D and 3D animation is still on the rise. Combining these two motion graphic techniques allows a designer to create unique videos and give the depth to animation where it is needed.

Previously designers had to buy really expensive professional video editing software to make even simple 3D animation. However, today we have the privilege to use free programs like Blender and Wings 3D to create amazing 3D animation and mix it with 2D.

Animated Logos

It is a true struggle to be unique in the modern business world, so companies have to be creative and even cunning to attract the attention of potential customers. Using logo animation is one of those brilliant ways that will get you a unique and unforgettable brand identity. Animated logos are still new for even the most experienced customers and will bring you the wow effect you want from the people. Such logos represent the innovativeness and forward-thinking of respected companies, and it is one of our personal favorite animation trends of this year.

Vertical Animations

Only a couple of years ago, using any ratio for video other than 16:9 was a huge no-no in the marketing industry. It looked old-school (a nice version of the word “outdated”) and unprofessional to make vertical videos. But everything changes, and animation changes too in the age of social media. The popularity of platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where vertical content makes sense (especially on smartphone apps), shifted the trend, and now many companies use vertical animation all the time. This trend is only starting its rise to the top, but it surely doesn’t plan to go anywhere any time soon.

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Photorealistic Rendering

Nowadays, graphics can recreate almost everything that currently exists or existed in this world or the designer’s imagination. One of the major methods of such recreating is physically based rendering or photorealistic rendering. Objects created with this method look just like real ones, and in a motion design, these never-existing or inspired-by-real-things objects get a life. Photorealistic rendering is especially useful in creating animated videos for real estate because they allow buyers to see how their future home will look like without actually staging the place.

Vivid and Colorful Pallets

After really dark times in 2020, people just want to look at something bright and fun. That’s why nowadays we see really vivid, even neon colors used in video production, marketing, and, of course, motion design. Vivid colors in motion graphics are also connected to the rise of “cute” animation and friendly characters in advertising. Eccentric characters of these video clips and commercials are meant to get a smile out of a customer and make them feel like they are at home.

Also, in our opinion, bright colors make the animation look a lot bolder and flashier. It helps to hold the audience’s precious attention long enough to spread your word to them.

Retro Graphics

If you want to find a sure way to your customer’s heart, try to use nostalgia. Yes, it can be a little bit of a cliche way, but giving a second chance to a retro design can be your ticket to becoming the next household name in the industry. A retro color palette, appealing to childish memories, long-forgotten characters, and familiar narratives: all these things make motion design shot right through the heart of a person and convince them to buy your product.


Motion design trends in 2021 give designers many opportunities to express their creative thoughts and vision of brands they are working with through animation. From vertical videos with cute animated characters to complex logos with 2D and 3D animated details, in 2021, you can let your creativity off the leash to create something absolutely unbelievable in motion design.

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