Sometimes we feel the lack of ideas and inspiration. It may even seem that we’re deadlocked, and there are no possible solutions to reaching our goals. Specialists of all spheres including email marketing are familiar with this feeling. And yeah, email designers know this pain too.

Don’t give in to despair. We may help you with some flawless ideas and recommendations on how to make performing email design in no time. This is not a kind of in-depth guide as there is much more to say on this topic. Just a crib for the aforementioned cases.

 Well, let’s get it started.

1. Keep Your Email Simple

Surely your email design and content may be over sophisticated – and it performs well when well-crafted. On the other hand, the more complex email is, the higher the chances to fail are. That’s why simple messages are safe. Stick to concise minimalistic content. We recommend that you “filter” your copy and design before sending – filter even twice or thrice. And “squeeze away” all the extras, leave only what really matters.

But don’t overdue. And still, everything must fit your brand book style.

2. Design Should Look Really Professional

Besides the simple minimalism, email design must be stylish and professional. Look at your layout by subscribers eyes and try to imagine how they will see it – a solid work polished to the smallest details… or some quickie trash made of hay and turds.  

When recipients cannot guess whether the sender is a man or a woman, but they see the perfect message without defects – everything is OK.

Another tip: stick to three colors or less to keep within moderate yet solid and trustworthy “business” norms. And yeah, don’t forget about responsive design!

3. Photo is the Best Introduction

There are many ways to decorate the introductory part of your email. One of the best practices is to start email with a photo of a person who is in charge of an actual email campaign. First of all, this is a polite gesture. Secondly, it makes effect of personal communication even though email channel is not personal. 

Moreover, subscribers might decide to open email just because of the person who is in charge if that person is known enough.

4. Personalize Your Email

Personalization and hyper-personalization are on the 2019 trends list. We won’t pay them close attention here as there are special posts dedicated to these topics. It’s enough to say that personalization is mandatory when you’re reaching out to a certain person.

Personalization is much more than just addressing by names. Even images and videos may be personalized.

5. Signature and Contact Info

This is the last email element clients see, but still it makes your emails more effective.

Signature design depends on your industry, brand style and many other factors. Structures, color schemes, social icons and maps – everything matters. The key principle is to make it noticeable yet professional.

If you didn’t add the photo to the introductory part as we recommended above, add it here. 

6. The “Add to Calendar” Button

Quite often we use business emails to arrange appointments.

But due to being busy we tend to forget about the meetings we have scheduled. Which is why, it’s crucial to include the “add to calendar” button in your business emails.

Important to Note:

Proven. The shape of the button does not matter at all. But color does!

7. Banners: Big and Bright

We all know that banner is the “face” of email campaign. That’s why big and colorful banners are welcome even if run a law company. Remember that banner should suit the email style and your brand book requirements.

What do you need here? A good email editor with full set of options to create banners. You may try out any email builder, where users can edit and combine images, write texts above them and wrap the texts in decorative fonts.

8. Videos

Videos are hot email marketing trend in 2019. There are different ways of using videos in emails: Youtube or Vimeo links, faux videos, embedded videos, etc. Choose the most convenient way — and show how to use products, arrange meetings, congratulate clients, etc.

Videos should be placed in a separate block but accompanied by a strong motivating call to action. 

9. Visually Structurize Your Content

If your email is long enough and contains diverse content, it’s better to divide it in blocks and use separators between them. 

You can either build these separators with your email template builder or just use images of them.

10. Graphics Design Elements

Investor updates, internal corporate emails, annual reports to clients — all these emails require the usage of graphic elements and diagrams for better perception.

You can use a prepared email template or just upload the aforementioned elements as regular images. 

Stumming Up

It was our compilation of the best practices to craft a win-win email in no time. Still, there are some more points to mention:

  • write inspiring subject lines;
  • with business emails, try to avoid emojis, especially in subject lines. Yes, emojis are in trend but their using is complex topic where it’s easy to fail… so not now;
  • make your emails accessible – users are often listening emails today via screen reader software;
  • avoid countdown timers, photos of cute and sweet pets and other extras as it’s inappropriate for business emails; 

But be creative anyway, of course. This is the key to success.

I sincerely wish you the best of luck!