In today’s guide, we will look at all the stages of creating a unique personal brand. In conditions of enormous competition in the labor market and in the field of entrepreneurship, one simply cannot afford to remain one more person from a faceless crowd. It is important to apply directly to your target audience, to be relevant to it. This will help you create a recognizable personal brand. However, note that not all of the tricks listed below will be useful to you.

This guide describes common approaches and strategies. If any information is irrelevant for you, feel free to ignore it. Also, do not blindly follow the instructions, process the information received and develop your way to creating the perfect personal brand. Good luck!

Why you need to create your own personal brand?

Creating a recognizable personal brand opens up new professional opportunities. The result of creating an image of your future and its implementation can be:

– Better job

– More successful contacts and customers for your company

– Industry Recognition

– And much more

If you are looking for the best job, you need your potential boss of your ideal company to connect your personal brand with something that he or she needs in his team. If you want to increase sales of the company, you need potential customers to connect your personal brand with a sense of trust, long-term success and satisfaction.

You cannot just be one of many in today’s job market and in the entrepreneurial landscape. Need to stand out. You need to be more attractive to your target audience, and this can be achieved by creating a recognizable personal brand.

To create an effective professional image, you need to consider the following points:


Your image must be unified and consistent on all platforms. Consistency is an important professional trait that is especially appreciated in business.


People seek creativity in those people with whom they want to work. Modern technologies provide unlimited opportunities for creativity. Create your portfolio based on your career vision and trying to express your personality in it.


In today’s world, you just need to stand out and remember. To do this, you can include in your daily life unique rituals that will be closely associated with your image.

Professional Photos

Amateur photos can rarely impress. Therefore, it is important to have several high-quality images in your portfolio that will characterize you from the best side.

Professional Site

Of course, social networks are important for creating a personal brand, but the presence of a professional personal website is simply necessary.

Personal Signature

Always add your unique signature to emails: it can contain your photo, name, position, company name, contacts.

The Trust

Build trust, confirm your professionalism and quickly answer questions from your audience, collaborate with experts from your industry.

How to create a personal brand concept

Companies create the image and statements of their mission. Creating a personal brand begins the same way: creating a personal concept. Only you can determine the direction of your life. You cannot control every aspect of it, but you can create a long-term concept and develop steps for its implementation. The concept of your life should include your vision of yourself in 10, 20 and even 50 years. Think about the things that make you happy: family, beach house, complex corporate work?

There are no right or wrong answers to this question. In this chapter, we will tell you what needs to be done to create a personal image, said Brian from Resumeget.

How to identify your target audience

Once you have a concept, you need to determine your target audience. Most professionals sell something. If you are looking for work, you “sell” yourself to a potential employer. If you want to start your own business, you “sell” yourself to potential customers.

But your target audience is not only employers and customers. You want to create a community of people: employers, partners, influential people, etc., which can all be different assets. Knowing who you are selling will make it easier for you to send your brand message.

How to create online and offline resources

There are a number of assets that need attention when creating a personal brand. You need to protect domain names and websites to help control your personal brand when searching. To control your personal brand in social networks, you need to protect the relevant accounts. And you need to know how to create these assets so that you can build your common network.

How to create your brand by promoting content

When you begin to create your own personal brand, it is difficult to influence the audience. You need to work on them where your target audience spends time.

How to get free press coverage

Another way to gain an audience is to get free press coverage. There are a number of tools that make it easy to create relationships with journalists, bloggers, and moderators. Building these relationships and understanding what the press wants gives you the opportunity to get free press coverage.

How to work with mentors

The key to success is continuous learning. Even the smartest people in the world can become smarter and more experienced in certain aspects of life. Mentors are great assets for professionals who want to create a personal brand. You can find out how they achieved success, or how they see the world and use strategies to achieve their own success.

How to control your brand

After you have determined what your personal brand should be and are working on its growth, you need to monitor the growth and perception of the brand. It is important to notice how your target audience connects you with your industry, and how they relate to you as a whole.

Be yourself to charm others

In conclusion, we would like to discuss the need to be unique. You want to follow the example of others, including your mentors, but it is always important to remain yourself. So you distinguish yourself from competitors.