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30+ Free Collection of Fitness, Gym & Healthy Lifestyle Stock Photos

Do you have a Gym or making Fitness exercises? Do you live a Healthy Lifestyle and taking care for your healh? Do you need to promote your business and HQ quality Free for personal and commercial use Stock Photos helps to make a flyer, magazine, web design, then this post...

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60+ Realistic Coffee Cup / Mug PSD Mockup Templates

A huge collection of very realistic Coffee Cup or Mug Mockups for your design showcasing available in Photoshop file formats. So, by using one of these or all of these , you will be able to enhance the presentation of your package design projects to be more professional a...

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20+ Apple iMac PRO PSD Mockup Templates for Designers

Apple products are often used by the designers in their creative work like to showcase web design in modern style  and then also save a ton of time. So workplace with devices mockup are quite popular and usuable these days, especially with UI designers. Today i offer to l...

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MockupsPSD Templates

40+ Creative Magazine PSD Mockups & Templates

In this post I’m going to share with you a hand-picked list of high quality creative magazine mockups & templates. What are magazine mockup? Magazine mockup is basically a draft duplicate of the magazine that has been produced before the magazine has been printed in o...

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Futuristic Digital Art by Filip Hodas – Freelance 3D Artist

Super inspiring and including from the head to the feet fingers futuristic digital art by freelande 3D artist Filip Hodas. What i can say about his art? I have so feeling that he means the planet after long time where nobody lives, life after huge catastrophe, on the past...

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50+ Trending Modern Fonts for Creative Designers

Today as the competition arises, both modern and classic designers/artists are looking for new ideas to enhance their designing skills and artwork to market it for everyone. Choosing the right fonts for every design is one of the great factors that affect the overall impa...

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35+ Sets of Business & Office Icons to Awaken Your Designs

If you’re a designer or someone do this kind of works and planing to make a Business website design or something relevant to business, corporate and office, then this post is right for you. Icons are the basic requirement of any web related projects and good icons a...

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30 The Most Surprising & Unforgettable Photoshop Actions

With these Photoshop Actions you can achieve very high-quality photo effects without it having to take you days, hours, or your whole work week creating them from scratch. In this post we’ll showcase some of the amazing ones to make sure that your work and efforts are wor...

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35+ Amazing Material Design Background Packs, Modern Shot!

Google’s Material Design is a standout amongst the most compelling visual theories in design. Backgrounds can be extremely useful resources for Android app, designing mobile & web app UI. Here is different Material Design Background Packs For you, which can help you t...

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Latest Free Fonts for Writing Bold Headings

What is the most important by writing post to the reader’s audience? Of course Heading and headlines are the first thing visitors can see on your web page, posters, brochures, newspapers and any print media. So make your headings more catching and attractive by usin...