A Logo is meant to speak for your brand and the ideology behind it. An appropriate and strong Logo helps the newer audience discover your brand and relate to it. A Logo gets imprinted into the memory of the viewers who might or might not be your current customers but can encounter your brand in the future.

The right Logo is a great storyteller and tells the right things about the personality of your business and makes your business recognizable. However, there are times when even the right Logo needs to be changed or modified because let’s face it; a Logo is not forever. 

Revisiting your Logo for a refresh or a complete redo is going to have its unique impact on your business. Tweaking or modifying your Logo is all about the shift in your business along with some other factors. Once you have figured out the point in the existence of your business when it is indeed the time for a redesign, you need to answer that call and honor the redesign vows. This is not going to be a cakewalk because your redesigned Logo demands to be better than your existing Logo; an existing Logo that managed to work until now. 

How you choose to redesign your Logo and the extent of the redesign depends on several factors. Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself before you actually kickstart the redesigning process.

  • How old is your existing Logo? 
  • Has there been a change in the business model or an expansion of the product/service range?
  • Has your closest competitor revamped their business Logo?
  • Has there been a shift in your business audience?
  • Has your Logo become inadequate in depicting the growth that your business has experienced in the past time?

Once you have answered the questions for yourself, you will be in a position to ascertain if it is the perfect time for you to redesign your Logo or not. Here are a few reasons that we have listed down below that can trigger the need for a logo redesign. If you find your reasons listed below, it’s probably the perfect time for a Logo redesign.

Business Expansion

One of the most valid time to go for a Logo redesign is when your business has outgrown its existing revenue-profit model. Growth in the business is a very positive outcome that the business owners look forward to, So, once you find that your business is thriving and it has overgrown the relevance of its existing Logo, you should set on the task of redesigning your Logo right away. 

Brand Revamp

A lot of times, businesses and brands need to revamp their business either due to image issues or just the simple need of giving the business a fresher perspective. An instance such as a bad customer image or a PR mishap with the business can be a reason enough to revamp the entire image of your business. While this is happening, it is the right time to redesign your business Logo and give it the essence of the new perspective. 

Logo redesign that comes due to a brand revamping their image has a different approach. So, before you dismantle the existing Logo, make sure that you know how to do it the right way. So, consult the expert online guides before you make the move.

New Audience / Customers

If your business is old enough, it is bound to have newer customers/audiences as time goes by. These people in the audience are from varied backgrounds and generations and they are going to have their own perspective of your Logo. So, if it has been a while and you feel that your audience has seen a major shift, it is time to redesign the Logo and make it more trendy yet timeless.

Change in the Business Model

A change in the business model of an existing brand brings about a whole lot of complex changes. Anything ranging from the deviation of the business model to change in the revenue mode or simply a switch from the product line calls for change in the Logo design. At this point, you can either go for a completely new Logo that depicts this significant shift in your business or you can modify it in a manner that your audience can still have a glimpse of the old Logo just like Pepsi has been doing over the years.

Even if you are switching your brick-and-mortar based business to an online brand, adopting the eCommerce format can be a perfect time to redesign that Logo. If this is a scenario, you can compare Shopify and Squarespace and their logo makers to help you build a great eCommerce website as well as a great Logo redesign. 

Redesign for Competition

A lot of businesses operate in an industry where the competition amongst the brands becomes a key determinant of the changes they undergo such as the Fast food industry. These businesses not only change their line of offering based on what the competitor is doing but they also modify their advertisement strategy based on the same. So, if you belong to a business operating in such an industry, you can take the opportunity to modify or make subtle changes to your Logo when there is a need for a significant change. 

Your Logo is Outdated

The best reason to redesign your business Logo is when it has been quite a time and the Logo is no longer relevant or has simply become too outdated. Your Logos can go outdated if they are carrying old typography or graphic references that no longer work in the current years.  Your Logo can also become outdated if they were created without a lot of thought. So, when your Logo becomes outdated, it is time to redesign it completely so that the new audience can begin to resonate with your existing business offering and its reputation.


Like we said before, Logo redesigning is not a cakewalk. Redesigning a new Logo has more expectations than designing a new Logo from scratch because brands are looking to talk more with their redesigned Logo. This is why assessing the right time for a Logo redesigning is crucial. We have mentioned all the major events that call for a Logo redesign and if you think our article helped you make a decision with your Logo redesigning, please drop a comment below.