There are a lot of different professions where productivity plays a big role. Dealing with deadlines so that you do not have to lose customers and still keeping the quality of the job would be impossible if you did not have everything in check.

So what can you do to become someone who works efficiently and without having to carry too much on their shoulders on the final day of projects? There are quite a few things that you can use and create a solid strategy. Follow the ideas below, and you should become much better at organizing things at your job.

Idea #1 – Keep Your Computer in Good Shape

You will struggle to work efficiently if your computer is not up to par. And that includes everything – applications you use for work, an internet browser, and the overall performance.

If you run into various problems, like when your mac is running slow, or you struggle to download necessary stuff, do not procrastinate and fix the issue at your earliest convenience. Otherwise, the problems will only continue to escalate, and you might need to take the computer to a repair store, or even purchase a new one.

Idea #2 – Write Down Ideas

Have a notebook or create a text file where you can write everything related to work. Reminders, deadlines, potential ideas, and other information that could be useful later. 

It might not seem like that big of a deal, but writing down these ideas will improve efficiency. Also, it could prove useful to those that are working on multiple projects or have a side gig as a freelancer.

Idea #3 – Organize Files

It would be hard to imagine an efficient workflow if your files were all over the place. Create a system where you use proper names, save different files for the same projects that have multiple versions, and customize folders into favorites. 

Organizing files will make it easier to find the stuff that you need. You will also feel less pressure by working with neat and tidy data that, when organized, does not seem as intimidating. And remember that the more work you do, the more files there will be to manage. Start early, so you do not end up having regrets later.

Idea #4 – Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning keyboard shortcuts is beneficial because you will save time. Basic stuff like Control + C and Control + V is easy, and you should be familiar with them after a few days of using computers.

However, when it comes to being a graphic designer, there are other shortcuts that you should aim to memorize. This is especially true for software that you work with, like Photoshop, for example. Navigating through the UI is more efficient when you learn to do stuff with your keyboard.

Idea #5 – Use Right Tools

Check whether you can find some applications and other tools that could prove to be useful for you. Maybe you are facing problems with time management. There are apps that allow you to keep track of time and announce when you should be finished with the task at hand. And that is only one example of what you could be using to enrich your work experience and increase productivity.

Idea #6 – Take Regular Breaks

Regular breaks should not be underestimated. Even if you are on a roll and do not want to lose your mojo, keep in mind that overwork will only lead to burnout and other problems.

Breaks exist for a reason, and you should take the necessary time off every day. Even if you are working as a freelancer, and do not have a defined schedule, create one where you can dedicate some time to relax. Take a real lunch break; go out to eat. A breath of fresh air will help clear your mind, and it will also be a good opportunity to get some exercise while walking.

Idea #7 – Give Yourself a Reward

Knowing that there is something waiting for you at the end of work could be just the thing to help power up throughout the day and finish with work. 

Perhaps you have a delicious treat in the fridge waiting to be eaten? Or maybe there is a new episode of your favorite TV show out? Keep these for when you are done with the day so that you do not feel guilty about enjoying them.

Idea #8 – Minimize Interruptions

Do not let interruptions get in the way of your work. Distance yourself from people and let them know that you are working right now. Turn off notifications so that they are not distracting you. Answer the phone only when you are expecting a call or feel that something really important has happened.