Facebook today is a most powerful place for developing your marketing campaign and expanding the target audience. Millions of users sell, promote, advertise, buy and develop business strategies effectively here.

But it is not all smooth sailing, and there are pitfalls and difficulties on this platform too. Wanting to promote your brand is one thing, but doing it right is quite another. Sometimes buying advertising does not mean 100% success, but rather throwing money down the drain.

To do business effectively on FB, you need to look deeper into all the hidden opportunities on or off Facebook to create a marketing strategy that works at full power. And this is where I’ll show you some valuable tools for you as a marketer to get the most out of the FB platform while promoting a brand and developing a business campaign here.

Let’s maximize the benefits of FB and set an effective growth rate for your business by using different handy instruments from the best Facebook downloader to photo editor and account analyzer.

Top 13 Tools to Boost Effectiveness on Facebook

1. DumpUp

To keep your followers engaged, you have to remember to update your wall frequently with exciting posts and notes. Occasionally it’s impossible to keep track of all the new content that your public might like. That’s why it’s time to use the tool that searches for interesting topics for your audience according to keywords, then creates a list of relevant content and queues it up. It is free to set up suitable times to publish content from a common list. And you, too, can customize the posts, add captions, hashtags, set the date and time of publication.

2. Video Downloader

Haven’t you known yet how to download Facebook videos of your rivals or influencers so that you can access and analyze them off-line at any convenient moment? Then you are in the right place because there are a couple of the best online Facebook downloaders (the Bigbangram FB video downloader, for example) that allow you to save media content to any device without installing a tool or registration.

3. Lumen5

The user perceives media content better than textual one. It’s a fact. So if you have a bunch of prepared textual content and want to attract the maximum number of users, then make a video out of this info – it’s especially quick and easy with this service.

 What’s more, the tool was specifically designed to create square videos for FB. Don’t be afraid to bring life into your content and provide your audience with information in the best possible light.

4. Canva

It is probably one of the best solutions if you wish to add a nice visual touch to your posts cover or advertisements. People like visuals and aesthetics, so don’t forget to design an excellent cover for an ad or choose a profile cover. Here’s what will hook the user.

Canva may help you in this case. It even has ready-made templates for FB covers that you may modify (add captions, colors or pictures) if you like. It’s a great way to please the user’s eye with a catchy offer and pleasant visuals.

Image by GCFLearnFree.org

5. Poster My Wall

It’s the tool that makes a designer out of you. You may use it to create covers, design graphics for adverts, or edit videos for your FB wall. So take the opportunity to turn your page into a welcoming visual for free and draw in more users with an eye-catching header or exciting graphics on the adverts.

6. Headline Analyzer

It’s not just the visuals that attract users, but also the headlines (in posts, ads, etc.), of course. So if the process of coming up with an eye-catching headline, or analysis of the effectiveness of a created headline is not your forte, then leave it to the Analyser.

Insert developed headline into the tool, and it will do a detailed analysis: evaluates the structure, displays the number of words and characters, the effectiveness of the headline, as well as shows tips or examples of the best headlines. It’s an indispensable instrument for choosing an attractive and marketable headline.

by Coschedule.com

7. Likealyzer

Business performance analysis is one of the main components of any marketing campaign. Profile analysis is no exception. The tool provides you with insight into your account’s performance, users’ engagement, and the level of popularity of your profile. Thus you may discover the pros and cons of your page and draw the appropriate conclusions for further development.

8. Ad Grader by WordStream

It is a free reviewer of your advertising strategy on the FB platform. Use the toolkit to assess users involvement, profile activity, unsuccessful ads, and all your advertising campaign results with a detailed report on each’s performance. Get full information and share it on your page to be as open as possible to your audience.

9. Rank Signals

Now you are free to spy the competitors ethically with a free analyzer of competition’s backlink sources. Find and get a clear insight into your rivals’ links to analyze their FB performance and build a better business development strategy. Also, you may look up your deleted or toxic links to make the profile look well maintained.

by Ranksignals.com

10. FB Ads Manager

It is a relatively convenient and easy way to set up and control your ads. You may freely create and modify a place your ads appear, the audience you want your ads to reach, as well as analyze the success of your ads. You may even operate multiple ads from one location and make changes to the offer and change the target audience.

11. LeadQuizzes

Suppose you want to get more integration from your followers, attract more leads, and increase account activity. In that case, it’s time to do surveys, quizzes, reviews, and other features to help you understand the audience better and find new leads and influencers for further collaboration.

The tool has premade templates that are already ready to be used for your quiz or online survey.

12. Fanpage Karma

It is a valuable tool for comparing your page with the account of a competitor. A comparative analysis reveals what your competitor publishes and when/which posts have generated more involvement and other helpful info from which you can draw conclusions about your marketing campaign’s development.

by Fanpagekarma.com

13. Pagemodo Platform

It is a multifunctional platform for setting up and managing your Facebook profile. Here you are free to design FB page covers, review your profile’s performance, set up ads, and run competitions with your audience. The tool has many useful features to customize your profile’s visuals and settings (analysis, content planning, etc.).